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Two ministers resigned in Britain

Britain two members of the government on July 5 Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned after refusing to work with him. Among them is the Minister of Health Sajid Javid in his statement, he said that he lost confidence in the head of the government. Another, the Minister of Finance Rishi Altar also said that Britain society expects “proper, competent and serious work” from the government, and his views are very different from those of the prime minister.

The resignation comes a week after a key member of Johnson’s Conservative Party resigned from the party. So that, Chris Pincher He was accused of drunkenly harassing men at a party at a closed conservative club.

This scandal occurred against the background of sharp criticism of Johnson within the party. In April, he was the first in history to be exposed for breaking the law while in office Prime Minister it happened Then he was fined for attending a party that was found to be in violation of those rules during his government’s general quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But in early June, Johnson won a vote of no confidence by his Conservative colleagues. 211 party representatives in the parliament voted for Johnson and 148 against.

After that, the party 10He lost in the re-elections in two constituencies, in which he did not lose for more than 0 years. Both of those mandates previously belonged to the Conservatives. One of the owners of those places was found guilty of sexual harassment, the second admitted to watching pornography in the parliament during the debate, and the current of deputies He was sent to a position he could not hold.

Also, on June 5 judge Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party for Youth Affairs Bim Afolami and British Trade Representative in Morocco Andrew Marrison also resigned.

Leader of the opposition Labor Party Kir Starmer said on July 5 that Britain his government should fire Johnson.

This is unusual in the country parliament would mean holding elections – polls show that the Conservatives may lose a significant number of seats. According to a YouGov poll, 60 percent of Britons disapprove of the government’s performance, and 71 percent of Johnson personally disapprove. According to sociologists, if an election had been held last week, more people would have voted for Labor than the Conservatives, and the former would have lost at least 26 seats in parliament.

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