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“An Armenian insulted me” – a participant of the Patriotic War arrested in Kiev


Misir Gasimli, a participant in the Second Karabakh War, has been detained in Ukraine for 1 year.

He applied through his lawyer and claimed that he was illegally detained in Kyiv. M. Gasimli said that he was insulted by a foreigner who is Armenian by nationality: “That person insulted me by beating him. But they have no evidence. They are keeping me in custody. They brought accusations of illegal carrying of weapons, kidnapping, and beating people. Since the perpetrator has gone to Spain, they are conducting business without even summoning him to court.

I myself lived in Russia. To fight in wartime To Azerbaijan I came and went to the volunteer front. After the war, I went to Ukraine and continued my work there. Once, my friend came from Azerbaijan. We went to celebrate his birthday with him. A Spanish national approached. Later, I found out that his father was Arab and his mother Armenian. He spoke English with us. He approached the waiter to translate. The waiter said he wanted to meet you. He closed our account. We left there and went to another place. On the way there was a rumor between us. To sell me drugs offer he did. I kicked him out of the car to avoid such things.”

M. Gasimli was changing money at the currency exchange office 3 hours after the incident the police reports that he was detained by and taken to the department: Complaint The person who did it returned to Spain 2-3 hours after I was taken to the unit. The lawyer of the Armenian lobby joined the case and met with the prosecutor. We were the two accused. First, they wrote us light charges. Then they said in court that he should not be released, that he participated in the Karabakh war. The prosecutor announced 3 more charges.

There is no evidence. There are no handprints on either the gun or the knife. There is no trace of blood. Judge he looks after my case without a lawyer or a translator. Despite my appeal to our embassy in Ukraine, no one is interested in the job. “There were people from my family who went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Baku and were not allowed in.”

In the photo: On the left is Misir Gasimli

Azerbaijan In response to the inquiry, the Embassy in Ukraine reported that Gasimli Misir Elman oglu and Guliyev Subhan Babek of his son Kyiv The embassy has information about their detention and trial in the city of: “According to our information, in the process, a Spanish citizen of Arab originhand person participates as a complainant. The fact of external interference in the process has not been revealed. Because there is not enough evidence imprisonment its term has been extended until mid-July. The embassy is in contact with the families and lawyers of the accused in order to support the possible acceleration of the process Ukraine sent a letter to him. In addition to the above, let us state that imprisonment before the expiration date court meeting has been scheduled.”

Ukraine Chairman of the United Diaspora of Azerbaijanis, Hikmat Javado, said in a statement that the arrest of Misir Gasimli was related to a complaint made by a Spanish citizen to law enforcement agencies: “I would like to inform you that Misir Gasimli himself and his Ukrainian lawyer are in contact with our diaspora, that is, our Ukraine Azerbaijanis did not address their united diaspora either in writing or orally. We received information about this a week ago. On the day we received the information, I talked to him and his lawyer about the matter. After that, we investigated the issue by contacting the lawyer of the United Diaspora of Ukrainian Azerbaijanis and law enforcement agencies. At present, the lawyer of Misir Gasimli has applied to the appeals court for the arrest decision cancellation be done. Yesterday, we were informed by the Ministry of Justice that Egypt’s Gasimlin will be held on July 13 court process has been set and our lawyer will also participate in that process. Also, a legal document containing our organization’s guarantee for the release of Misir Qasimli will be submitted to the court.

As far as I know, the embassy is about this issue of Ukraine He sent a request to the Ministry of Justice, the General Prosecutor’s Office and other law enforcement agencies. But the Spanish embassy also thinks that the rights of its citizens have been violated. We have revealed all our position regarding the objective investigation of the issue. We hope that our gas will be released soon.”

It should be noted that 29-year-old Misir Gasimli participated in the Patriotic War. He said, “Ugly free was awarded with the medal. (Caucasusinfo)

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