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Is there a solution to the high price, or what should the black peasant do? |

Economist Natig Jafarli published a new comment. He notes that many people complain about the price of fruit: “It is understandable, but it is not an objective view. Fruit The producer has his eyes set on the money he will earn in the two-three month season all year round. Everything is expensive, official food inflation 20 at a time when the interest rate was beating fruit What should the manufacturer do? If he has to sell his own cherries, apples, cherries, apricots and buy more expensive flour, oil, and meat instead, why not increase the price? way remains?

Another concern is that the produce from the garden to the table 10 changes hands, the manufacturer has no direct access to the market. It’s not about giving every farmer a counter in the city, it doesn’t benefit the producer either – five crates from his garden every day fruit collector farmer by bringing it to Baku and selling it, he cannot recover the travel expenses at all. But if a normal system is established in the country, if the state provides specific support, for example, 1 per day from each village with a rotating system farmer he would bring both his goods and the goods of his fellow villagers to Baku and sell them. If this system is established, it would be the turn of the farmer in each village to bring goods to the market once or twice a month. On the condition that he does not pay for the place of sale in the city, on the road the police don’t rob him – that’s it, at this time farmer also earns, the population also buys cheap goods.

But in a country decorated with supermarkets and “bravoed”, such a system does not work. Even when the Karagun villager delivered his goods to the city with a thousand and one efforts and arranged a box in front of some subway station 10 “Alikovlug people” and “Alidanekli” appear from the ground.

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