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It is obvious that the situation in Karabakh is getting tense. Armenian sources in the evening of August 1 Azerbaijan They spread information about the attack of the Armed Forces in several directions in the north and northwest of Karabakh, as well as on the border with Armenia.

The separatists said that Azerbaijan military “attempted to cross the contact line” in the north and northwest of Karabakh, but allegedly the attack was prevented.

The Ganjasar monastery where the Azerbaijanis advanced in a number of directions and fought 10 km and it was claimed that he went to the Murovdag region.

Turan” agency and him news reports that the Armenians claimed that their positions near the Gegharkunik region (border with Kalbajar) were fired upon.

Karabakh separatists even held a meeting of the “Security Council” regarding the “tense situation that has arisen”.

In turn, Azerbaijan Ministry of Defence He denied the information about the shelling of illegal armed units under the control of Karabakh separatists.

“Allegedly, the units of the Azerbaijani army in the Armenian press Russia The information spread about the firing of peacekeepers in the direction of illegal Armenian armed groups in the territory of Azerbaijan, where peacekeepers are temporarily stationed, is false, provocative and has a deceptive purpose” – the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan “Facebook“, it was stated on the official page.

Interesting, Russian peacekeepers and they did not inform about the violation of the ceasefire regime on August 1. “Russia The peacekeeping contingent continues to perform tasks in the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. Russian peacekeepers monitors the situation day and night at twenty-seven observation points and monitors the observance of the ceasefire regime. None in the area of ​​responsibility of the Russian peacekeeping contingent law violation was not registered”, – on the website of the Ministry of Defense of Russia news is given.

So what is it? Many people remember that the President of Azerbaijan recently accused the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Armenia stated that he did not fulfill his commitment regarding the withdrawal of his troops from the territory of Karabakh. How to explain these contradictory explanations of the parties? Is the situation really dangerous and is a new war possible?

Grigory Trofimchuk, a well-known international expert of Russia, shared his views on this issue with the Press Club:

– As you know, Baku He announced that the Karabakh issue was “closed” and informed the whole world about it. But the factual side of the question lags behind the legal side. That’s why Baku intends to quickly eliminate this discrepancy. Baku’s determination is due to at least three factors.

First, it Ukraine is the total voltage associated with No matter how much we deny it, the events in Ukraine are reflected in Russia’s potential, including its potential in the direction of Karabakh. Second, it’s 2020is the implementation of the November agreements at a very low speed. It is difficult, practically impossible, to oppose this argument of Baku. Thirdly, it is related to regular armed incidents and related casualties in the Karabakh zone, which is difficult to ignore all the time.

Azerbaijan is waiting for the moment when a number of factors come together at one point – the “parade of planets”. Because history rarely creates such opportunities. Baku cannot be blamed for this. Guilt military and other risks on those who had time to mitigate but did not. Azerbaijan the next time we call the desire to put an end to it using one’s own power “war”, let’s call it that.

There is nothing unusual in the fact that the interested parties – Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia – evaluate the events in different ways. Because not the declared, but the real difference of opinion is increasing. No one will investigate these inconsistencies now – that’s the way it is and now is not the time. 2020The November agreement somewhat delayed the inevitable, but could not stop it. Azerbaijan is not going to postpone anything anymore. He announced it in November. It is strange that very few people heard and understood this. In Baku, they understood the main thing: it is impossible to call him an “aggressor” under any circumstances, including at the international level. Because this term has not been heard before. Baku simply skillfully uses all possible situations: other people’s unprofessionalism, stupidity, etc.

If we answer the question briefly, one thing must be said: until Azerbaijan returns Karabakh to its hands, the war will continue until everything is completely and completely clear. At that time, none of the controlling bodies will be able to save their lives with duty-bound, formal, template, bureaucratic, clerical expressions to get rid of the problem. This time there will be more victims behind the idioms. Whether someone likes it or not, Azerbaijan-Turkey unity alone military but also a growing real power in the diplomatic arena – no one can doubt that. But I think that there will be forces that want to question it. And I’m 2020of the year military I am not referring to Armenia, which has achieved significant results since its fall.

Rauf Orujov

PS Yazı as a result of the opening of fire by a soldier of the Azerbaijani army in Lachin perished was written before the resulting tension.

Azerbaijan news

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