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Hardship in buses starting after 8… |

The ventilation system in buses is one of the traditional subjects of Baku. But some of our drivers added a modernity to this “traditional”. They claim that it is forbidden (or a sin) to turn on the air conditioner after 8 pm.

However Baku Transport Agency At the beginning of May, it sent a warning letter to the companies providing regular passenger transportation activities in the capital to take necessary measures regarding the transition to the summer season.

Who is the culprit then?

Baku Mais Aghayev, the press secretary of the Transport Agency, told that the case we mentioned will be investigated. In this regard, the carrier on the line will be called to the Agency: “Each of the buses – whether “BakuBus” or other route lines are in the balance of carriers. That is, they are the lines operated by individual carriers and operators. If the bus operated by any carrier has cooling systems, they should be turned on, especially when it is hot weather conditions. The cooling system is for the comfort of passengers, and it is the responsibility of the carriers to ensure their normal operation.”


Azerbaijan news

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