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“It is in our interest that Putin does not achieve his goals in Ukraine” |


NATO more countries unit moving and preparing to accept new members like Sweden and Finland”

Russia Ukraine if it wins over it, it can attack other neighboring countries as well.

This NATOSecretary General Jens Stoltenberg during his visit to the summer camp organized by the Norwegian Workers’ Party on the island of Utoya said.

According to him, Kiev’s support is part of the Alliance’s moral responsibility.

Russia It is in our interests that President Vladimir Putin does not achieve his goals in Ukraine. Russia of the leader military the world where he believes that he can achieve what he wants with the help of force is more dangerous for us”, he said militarypolitical said the general secretary of the bloc.

As for the situation in Ukraine, Y. Stoltenberg said that the Russian army stopped its advance, of Ukraine He noted that he has recaptured a number of territories:
“All this NATO“is taking place against the background of the increasing presence of

The Secretary General then said that one of the main tasks of the alliance is to prevent the conflict in Ukraine from turning into a full-scale war between NATO and Russia.

He noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s failure to succeed in his ambitions in Ukraine is in the interests of the alliance.

Stoltenberg said that after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, NATO countries unit moves to accept new members such as Sweden and Finland.

USA The Senate adopted the resolution on the ratification of the protocols on the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO as one of the last ones. Thus, the number of NATO member countries that confirmed the participation of two Scandinavian countries in the Alliance reached 23. Many other countries are close to it. This is the fastest membership process in NATO’s modern history,” the head of the bloc added.


Russian President Vladimir Putin of Ukraine started the war against Ukraine on February 24, 2 days after declaring that it recognized the separatist organizations in its east.

Most countries of the world condemned Russia’s attack. After this Europe Commonwealth countries as well USA imposed sanctions against Russia.

Along with more than 600 Russian oligarchs, high-ranking military officers, company owners, businessmen, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov were subject to sanctions. Competitions to be organized in Russia have been postponed, the name of this country has been removed from important events and organizations.

On April 7 UN The General Assembly of Russia adopted a resolution on the removal of the organization from the Human Rights Council.

And Russia Europe He left the council.

Bucha and others of the Russian army Ukraine allegedly committed mass murders and war crimes in their cities.

On June 25 Europe 12 countries of the Union have completely or partially refused the supply of Russian gas.

Azerbaijan news

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