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Kyiv says Russia is preparing for a new attack

According to the information, Russia Creates a strike group in the direction of Krivoy Rog, of Ukraine can prepare for new offensive operations in the south

Ukraine of Moscow President Volodymyr Zelenskysays that he is gathering forces for an attack on Krivoy Rog, his hometown. In the meantime Russia They bombed a number of cities in Ukraine, causing losses and destruction.

Governor of Eastern Donetsk Oblast Pavlo KirilenkoAccording to what he wrote in Telegram, the end 24 hours three civilians were killed and five injured in Bakhmut, Maryinka and Shevchenko.

Russia Dmytro Zhivitsky, the governor of Sumy province, which is located on the border with Russia, said that on August 3, three cities were fired by Russian forces, and a total of 55 rockets were fired. Although no one was injured, homes and commercial properties were damaged.

Zhivitsky said that eight artillery shells were fired at the residential areas of the Krasnopilska community.

Ukraine According to the information released by the Armed Forces on August 4, Russia is creating a strike group in the direction of Krivoy Rog. of Ukraine can prepare for new offensive operations in the south.

The steel-making city of Krivoy Rog, where Zelensky grew up, is 50 kilometers from the front line in the south.

of Ukraine Nikopol, located west of Zaporozhye in the center, was also shelled at midnight news is given.

The Russian army also shelled Krivorizki district of Dnepropetrovsk region.

Britain Diary of the Ministry of Defense military bulletin states that Ukraine of Russia military is firing rockets and artillery at its targets.

According to the intelligence, Ukraine’s tactic is “most likely” to disrupt the logistics supply of the Russian army and put pressure on combat support elements.

The bulletin emphasizes that Russian forces have installed radar reflectors in the waters near the Antonovsky Bridge on the Dnieper River. Ukraine some time ago USAdamaged the bridge with missiles launched from HIMARS systems. The purpose of the reflectors may be to protect the bridge from possible future strikes, such is the position of intelligence.

Advisor to the President Oleksey Arestovich and said that the purpose of Russia’s attack in the east is to divert Ukraine’s attention from Zaporozhye, which is in real danger.

Russia was accused of firing at dangerously close range at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in March. In the first days of the occupation, Russia seized the plant.

Although Moscow says it does not target civilians, in late February The occupation of Ukraine Since the beginning of the war, many cities have been destroyed and thousands of civilians have been killed. Ukraine and Western allies Russian forces military accused of crimes.


Azerbaijan news

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