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There was an explosion in the building in Khirdalan

It was noted from the Ministry of Emergency Situations that in Khirdalan explosion Search and rescue operations are continuing in the area where it happened

On August 4 Absheron district, on the third floor of one of the five-story buildings located in the city of Khirdalan explosion happened.

About this from the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MFA) reported.

Medical From the Territorial Units Management Union (MEDICINE) also stated that in connection with the explosion Absheron Urgent and Urgent of the District Central Hospital Medical Aid teams were involved in the area.

According to a statement from the institution, a total of 4 people were injured as a result of the incident: Primary according to information, two people were admitted to Narimanov Medical Center with second and third degree thermal burn injuries of the head, neck, both upper and lower limbs. Currently, their situation is very stable.”

MEDICINEIt was noted that 1 of the other 2 people injured as a result of the incident was initially diagnosed with barotrauma medical after providing assistance, he was discharged home for outpatient treatment: “A person born in 1991 was admitted to the Clinical Medical Center due to poisoning with incomplete combustion products. His condition is assessed as moderate. All of the injured are men.”

The Azerigaz Production Union was told that an explosion would occur in a residential building in Khirdalan gas leakage is possible: Primary according to information, in a residential building in Khirdalan explosion two of the injured were repairmen in the apartment. But this is a possibility. Full details will be available after the investigations are completed. Therefore, for now, we do not have substantial information.”

It was noted that the supply of natural gas to the building was completely stopped.

It was emphasized from the institution that relevant authorities will start investigations related to the incident: “Maybe it’s an event gas from leaking. Because the resident was not in the apartment when the repair work was going on. There were masters in the house. According to the information provided by neighbors and masters, this possibility is possible. “Azerigas” Production Union was not given any information regarding the repair of the apartment, so that the gas supply could be stopped.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations noted that search and rescue operations are continuing in the area where the explosion occurred in Khyrdalan:

“Operational conditions at the scene were evaluated. The residents of the building were evacuated to a safe area. Currently, search and rescue operations are ongoing in the area.”

It was noted that the damage to the building and cars in the area is being investigated.

It was not possible to talk to the owner of the apartment about the incident.

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