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A soldier of the Azerbaijan Army was killed and some were injured

A piece of rock broken off from steep cliffs is real military service military servants soldier Samir Samad oglu Khudiyev and soldier Tahir Chingiz fell on Aliyev

One in Lachin district on August 5 Azerbaijan military of the butler perished it is reported that another person was injured.

About it Azerbaijan According to the information of the Ministry of Defense, while performing the service combat task in a difficult terrain, a piece of rock broke off from the steep cliffs. soldier It fell on Samir Samad oglu Khudiyev and soldier Tahir Chingiz oglu Aliyev.

According to information, as a result, soldier S. Khudiyev died at the scene of his injuries. The condition of soldier T. Aliyev, who received various body injuries, is assessed as serious.

Regarding the fact crime it is reported that the case has been opened and an investigation is being conducted.

But it was not possible to get an opinion on this official information from the relatives of those military personnel.

Radio Liberty

Azerbaijan news

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