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Araz Zeynalova’s farewell words to her son: “Law number one – “Live like a man, die like a man”


USARapper Orkhan Zeynalli, known as AID, a member of the former HOST group living in

“Qafqazinfo” news he wrote about this on his Instagram account:

“The number one unwritten law of prospecting is ‘Live like a man, die like a man.’ Although I myself am far from such pathetic neighborhood legends, old school the rights of representatives cannot be eaten. Intellectual, well-dressed, witty, sense of humor, status, kindness and respect in society. To follow these listed values ​​and principles till the last day.

Yesterday (on August 3-ed.) changed my father’s world in his favorite avenue. Even if he didn’t get out of bed in the last months, he used his expensive perfume without fail, and he didn’t stop at his jokes. He said that it would be fine if I passed away on my anniversary news headers are taken…

Although it is not an anniversary issue, there will be plenty of headlines and posts. Worthy of the name. It was very important to him. God bless you, father.”

It should be noted that A. Zeynalov died on August 3 at the age of 61 from a long illness.

Azerbaijan news

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