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It is reported that the military serviceman fell into a mine and died

Kalbajar military it was reported from the prosecutor’s office that military employees of the prosecutor’s office inspected the scene, court– a medical examination was appointed

From occupation free done Kalbajar on August 5 as a result of a mine explosion in the east of the district Azerbaijan of the army military servant Babek A soldier Aliyev’s son perished is said to be.

This was reported by the Ministry of Defense.

Kalbajar from the military prosecutor’s office, it was reported that the employees of the military prosecutor’s office inspected the scene of the incident, court– a medical examination was appointed, other procedural actions were performed.

According to the statement, with preliminary investigations conducted Babek Aliyev’s duties in the region execution as a result of falling into an anti-personnel mine perished determined to be:

“Regarding the fact, in the military prosecutor’s office of Kalbajar A crime With the relevant article of the Code crime the case has been started. The investigation is ongoing now.”

But, for now, military serviceman on the incidentflour it was not possible to get a relationship from relatives.

Mine losses

Azerbaijan officials say that 2020of November 10from the occupation after the signing of the tripartite declaration in free about 250 people were hit by landmines in the affected areas. About 40 of them perished is reported to be.

Shortly after the signing of the tripartite declaration, Azerbaijan officials Armenia accused his side of not giving them maps of mined areas.

But then caught in Azerbaijan Armenia in return for the handover of several groups of soldiers free It was announced that the mine maps of a number of regions were taken back.

But later, the President of Azerbaijan expressed his displeasure that those maps did not reflect reality to a large extent.

In response to this Armenia Prime Minister Nicol Pashinyan said that “We have the maps To Azerbaijan we gave

He added that they “kept the good in the drawer and did not give the bad quality.”


2020As a result of the Second Karabakh War, Azerbaijan regained control over a part of the Nagorno-Karabakh region and 7 surrounding districts (including the Kalbajar district).

That year 10 to the November agreement (Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia between) mainly, the fighting has stopped, in the corridor of Lachin and on the line of contact in Karabakh Russian peacekeepers placed.

The Karabakh conflict started in 1988. Until the cease-fire agreement in 1994 Azerbaijan The Nagorno-Karabakh region and 7 adjacent districts were occupied.

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Azerbaijan news

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