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Kyiv reacts angrily to Amnesty’s report

Kallamar says that being on the defensive “Ukraine army from respecting international humanitarian law free doesn’t”

“Amnesty International” human rights organization Ukraine forces in residential buildings, school and accused of creating danger to civilians by staying in hospitals. To the report released by the institution yesterday – August 4 Kyiv reacted harshly.

Secretary General of Amnesty Agnes Squid says that the institution’s researchers “Ukraine “They documented that their forces created a risk to civilians and violated the law by deploying in populated areas.”

Kremlin and Russia media covered this report widely. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and he said in his speech last night that this is “shifting the responsibility from the aggressor to the victim”.

“Russia’s strikes, even in theory, cannot be justified under any circumstances. Aggression against our state is an unprovoked, invasive, open terrorist act. – he stressed.

“False equality”, “distortion”

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba said on August 4 that the human rights group was drawing a “false equation” between the actions of Russian occupation forces and the actions of Ukrainians defending their homeland. Defense Minister Oleksey Reznikov called the report a “distortion” aimed at questioning the right of Ukrainians to defend their country.

Kallamar says that being in a defensive position “is not showing the Ukrainian army respect for international humanitarian law free does not”.

On August 4, he tweeted in the evening that Ukraine and Russia “social media crowd and trolls” attack the “Amnesty International” organization.

“This is called war propaganda, disinformation. It will not affect our impartiality, it will not change the facts.” – he stressed.

in 19 towns and villages

The report says that in 19 towns and villages in three regions of the country, there are evidences of Ukrainian forces striking from populated areas and occupying buildings inhabited by civilians. Data April– it is reported that it was collected in July.

The researchers of the institution are Donbas of Russia, Kharkiv and spoke to the witnesses of the attacks on Nikolayev and the survivors of the attacks. According to them, during the strikes, the Ukrainian army operated near their homes and territories Russia retaliated by his forces.

“Amnesty International has witnessed such behavior in numerous areas,” the report said.

The institution also hospitals in five locations of the Ukrainian forces military discovered that they were used as bases, calling it “a clear violation of international humanitarian law”. According to the law, the parties to the conflict are close to densely populated areas military should avoid placing targets as much as possible.

Russia’s “participation in disinformation campaign”

However, the report also emphasizes that “Ukrainian army in populated areas military the practice of placing targets in no way justifies Russia’s retail attacks.”

Advisor to the President Mykhailo Podoliak On Twitter, he accused Amnesty of participating in Moscow’s disinformation campaign aimed at discrediting the armed forces of Ukraine.

Russia attacks on civilian areas are usually explained by Ukrainian forces establishing positions there.

“We always talk about this, we call the tactics used by the Ukrainian armed forces against the civilian population ‘human fence'”, – Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova He wrote on Telegram.

Russia, which attacked Ukraine on February 24, faced Western sanctions.


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