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The wide square of “Fake News”.

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USAin “Forbes” magazine “Russia During the war in Ukraine, “fake news” (fake news) has fundamentally changed the essence of the term” was published. In the article, a researcher at Las Vegas State University in Nevada, Ukraine Mary Blankenship’s research is discussed.

On Twitter Ukraine Mary Blankenship, who investigated 34 million posts about the war, determined that a large amount of false information is circulating in the network. The researcher called it “information he called it “dirt”.

Mary Blankenship first decided to examine 12 million “tweets”. However, this number has tripled in just three weeks. His research has shown that fake news is rampant.

According to “Forbes”, the author of the study regrettably emphasizes that it is very difficult to define exactly what “fake” news actually means: “Anyone with an email address can create a “Twitter” account and spread the opinion they want. Simply, “Twitter” from time to time either blocks some texts or warns that they may be disinformation. But ignorant and illiterate ideas are happening on the network.”

The article states that Russian-Ukrainian war When looking at the “tweets” about it, sometimes it is not clear who is spreading the truth and who is lying: “Mary Blankenship has revealed that the situation in Russia is more deplorable. He says that this country is fake news the term has another meaning. 15 years for the man who called the Ukrainian operation a war in Russia imprisonment can expect punishment. The government calls anyone who exhibits such an approach a “fake”. news” he accuses of spreading. This means that the country has changed the essence of the term “fake news” and given it a unique meaning.

Mary Blankenship, recalling the restrictions imposed on freedom of speech and independent news sources in Russia, and the fact that Internet providers filter or block online platforms that the government does not like, told Forbes that in this country, accurate, correct information It is difficult to find: “Such a “information “garbage” does not focus on the actual topic, when an actual problem is brought up for discussion, at that moment it is “is what is being said true?”, “which is true, which is false?” such issues are involved. This can delay or completely block decision-making. In such an unstable situation, even a slight delay in decision-making against the background of the discussion of some information, when human life is in danger, can lead to very serious consequences.

Russia During the war in Ukraine, the meaning of the term “fake news” has fundamentally changed,” the article further states: “We think that information is accurate if it has a link. Thus, we fall into the web of people who spread misinformation. Because those who spread misinformation well understand that professional web design is a very important indicator in terms of convincing people of a lie.”

Mary Blankenship, who says that creating a well-designed website is enough to spread fake news. social he sees in warning each other about fake news in the media: “There is no need to comment on ignorant and illiterate materials. Because the algorithm puts forward the materials precisely because of their popularity. The system of algorithms is not perfect enough to distinguish between true and false, leveled and non-levelled.

And that’s one of the main problems: the news flow is controlled by an algorithm. Currently, the term “fake news” has lost its classic meaning, and we have entrusted the fate of news to software that does not know the difference between truth and lies. All they want from you is “clicks”.

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