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Different statements about inflation: 13 or 35? |

of 2022 in Azerbaijan january– consumption in July prices of the index of 2021 january– it is reported that it has increased by 13 percent compared to July.

About it today, August 10The State Statistics Committee (SSC) released information in

According to the information, including food products, beverages and tobacco products, prices increased by 18.7 percent. This figure, according to the official announcement, is 7 for non-food products and 7 for paid services provided to the population 10.1 percent.

Economist Nemat Aliyev told Azadlig Radio that inflation The figures provided by the State Statistics Committee do not reflect the truth. According to him, january-in July, the level of real inflation was 35-40 percent: “In some food products compared to the corresponding period of last year inflation It was 50-60. Sometimes though prices has doubled.”

The economist noted that in the past period, pensions were 9-10 interest, labour the fees have increased by 12-13 percent, officials say inflation cannot record growth of more than 13 percent: “In fact, the situation is much worse.”

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Azerbaijan news

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