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Prosecutor General’s Office or Inspector General? |

Published: 10 August 2022 16:55

Social when you share your critical views in the media, you may fall under the “radar” of law enforcement agencies. Thus, the General Prosecutor’s Office periodically social activists in social networks calls for a “conversation” with the administration due to their posts.

The General Prosecutor’s Office said in its information that national according to the law on security, steps aimed at weakening the country’s defense capabilities are considered a threat to the state. Young activist Rustam Ismayilbeyli was also summoned to the prosecutor’s office after his post criticizing the war.

Lawyer Alasgar Mammadli believes that the institution that should bear the bigotry of the law is “National under the umbrella of “security” violates people’s freedom of expression.

Human rights organization Defense Line also social states that it is not within the scope of activities of the General Prosecutor’s Office to investigate government critics on the network.

The one who received a warning from the prosecutor’s office Rustam Ismayilbeyli says that the purpose of these calls is to silence independent media and civil society.

Recently, journalists and a group of social network users were summoned to the prosecutor’s office and questioned about their posts and posts on social networks. Among them, Tofig Shahmuradov posted on the social network “the distribution of which is prohibited by law”. information 1 month administrative for being accused of placing imprisonment was sentenced to punishment.

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