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“Recent discussions are a precursor to the adoption of a new law on social media” |


The media expert commented on the views of the Prosecutor General

“We all support the state’s policy, for the development of the state, everyone must do their job responsibly: In the future, we must be intensively active, it does not mean that you should write what we say or immediately react to what you write.”

These are the opinions of the Prosecutor General Kamran Aliyev Prosecutor General “Media freedom and social social society in the conditions of the strengthening influence of networks information at the conference on ensuring security”. said.

Kamran Aliyev recalled that Azerbaijan has joined all international conventions in the field of media:

“We can say that Azerbaijan has created all the necessary conditions for the development of media and mass media. Modern media is almost already formed. The role of media in society is really great. President Ilham Aliyev pays great attention to the development of the media, is interested in the daily activities of the media”.

Prosecutor General noted that in modern conditions, the development of society cannot be possible without the development of the media:

“We classically called the media the fourth branch of government. Observations show that this is not just the case. In Azerbaijan, the media is almost the fourth power.”

Kamran Aliyev also emphasized that they are constantly monitoring the media.

“Recently in the press crime We are carefully monitoring the information related to the facts. This is one of our daily activities. We try to respond immediately to criminal information and take legal action. Our goal is to bridge some gaps. National if security calls are made, the prosecutor’s office must take decisive steps in line with its activity. It has been thrown so far and it will be thrown in the future.”

“Some media representatives do not welcome this activity of ours. Law It is important that we intervene in time when a violation is about to occur social received negatively by network users. Warnings are made when more serious law prevent the violation. The warning is one of the steps included in the sphere of activity of the prosecutor’s office,” Aliyev concluded.

The Chairman of the Press Council, who spoke later Aflatun Amashov Establishing a commission on media activities together with the General Prosecutor’s Office offer did.

Khalid Agaliyev, an expert on media law, while answering Meydan TV’s inquiry, said that what was mentioned in the meeting is already protected by law:

“In this context, all the discussions are based on these principles voiced by the prosecutor’s office, state institutions, government-affiliated media that enthusiastically support all their calls: prevention of violation of citizens’ rights and freedoms, weakening of the state’s defense capacity, Azerbaijan national prevention of actions and calls aimed at security”.

Photo: Meydan.TV

“Nevertheless, if a decision is made to create new institutions and commissions, the purpose here is not as stated. National if there were actions aimed at security, in terms of legislation, its publication in the newspaper or “Facebook” does not matter. The act has a punishment prescribed by law, it must be applied. If additional mechanisms are created, then the main goal is significantly different from television and radio and print media free is to control the internet media as much as possible”, said the lawyer.

Regarding Aflatun Amashov’s proposal, Khalid Agaliyev said that there are no institutions established to prevent false information anywhere in the world:

“The state does not create any institution for the purpose of preventing hate speeches and contents that promote violence. These issues free associations established by journalists regulate the recommendations they write. The main problem in Azerbaijan free journalist, free media is a problem. The state should release them so that they learn the habit of self-regulation.”

“In my opinion, the latest discussions are a precursor to the preparation and adoption of a new law on the regulation of social media. I don’t think this is a step that will serve media freedom,” Agaliyev concluded.

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