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The winner of “Eurovision 2022” refused to participate in the festival


The group wants the Russian DJ removed

He won the “Eurovision 2022” competition of Ukraine “Kalush Orchestra” group refused to participate in the “Sea Dance Festival” held in Montenegro did.

The group made this decision after seeing a Russian DJ on the concert list.

Soloist Oleg Pasyuk said that they demanded the festival organizers to exclude DJ Nina Kravits from the program.

“We will perform at the festival in a month. We have written our objection to the organizer. If the Russian DJ is not removed from the program, we will not perform there,” Pasyuk said.

It is not yet known what decision the festival organizers will make.

On February 24, 2022 Russia in Ukraine military started operations.

Therefore Europe It has been removed from the “Eurovision 2022” song contest by the Broadcasting Union.

May 2022 10“Eurovision 2022” International Music Competition was held in Turin, Italy, from 14 to 14.

A total of 25 countries participated in the final stage of the competition with 631 votes Ukraine (“Kalush Orchestra” – “Stefania”) won.

Great Britain (Sam Ryder – “Space Man”) was second, and Spain (Chanel – “SloMo”) was third.

Europe The Broadcasting Union announced on July 25 that Ukraine Although the winner of the “Eurovision-2022” Song Contest, the competition will be hosted next year by Big Britain will do.

It was noted that due to the current war conditions, holding the competition in Ukraine is a response to security requirements does not give

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