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Two persons accused of deceiving citizens under the name of employment were detained


10It is reported that about 0 citizens were deceived

On classifieds sites and in social networks People were cheated and their money was seized in the name of a job advertisement. In the information released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it is stated that the money was taken from people in the name of registration of application for employment and issuance of license. After numerous complaints, two people were arrested as a result of the operation conducted by the staff of the Main Organized Crime Department. These are Muhammad Babazade and Gulali Kazimov. It is alleged that they took money from 500 to 6000 manats from the victims.

Regarding how the process took place, according to the information of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the named persons posted fake job advertisements about the availability of vacancies in state offices and private companies. in social networks, or posted on classifieds websites. They asked each of those who contacted them for money to register an employment application and issue a license. Of those funds bank they said that it should be transferred to their cards. For this purpose, they obtained the card details of the applicants. Then they transferred the funds on the cards to their own accounts, cashed the money and withdrew it from the account. Their numbers were blocked so that the victims would not contact them again.

“Mohammed Babazade and Gulali Kazimov addressed them during this period 10It was determined that nearly 0 citizens stole the money from their accounts by obtaining their card information,” the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

Regarding the fact A crime Article 178 (fraud) of the Code crime work has begun.

Imprisonment The attitude of the persons themselves or their lawyers to the issue is not clear.

A month ago, real estate, car Information was spread about the deception of citizens and the confiscation of a large amount of their money when they wanted to buy a property at a lower price than its value from the advertisement sites related to its sale. Agshin Badalov, who is accused of deceiving citizens in the same way imprisonment had been It was alleged that he demanded money from those who wanted to buy houses and cars in the name of beh funds After transferring to the card, people’s phone numbers were blocked.

It was reported that about 450 people were harmed through fake ads.

Azerbaijan news

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