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Uzbekistan warns its citizens about the war in Ukraine

“The embassy calls on all our compatriots to refrain from provocations,” the statement said

The embassy of Uzbekistan in Moscow has warned its citizens living in Russia that they may face serious consequences if they join Russia’s ongoing occupation of Ukraine.

Embassy of August 10in the statement issued in , states that in foreign countries military any form of participation in the transactions will be considered a salaried activity and 10 can be punished with imprisonment up to a year.

“The embassy calls on all our compatriots to refrain from provocations”, – the statement says.

A day before this statement, the leader of the local Uzbek diaspora on the BETTA TV channel in the Perm region of Russia Jahongir Jalolovissued a statement. He is a 14th century Uzbek ruler living in Perm Amir Teymurcalled to establish an Uzbek battalion in his honor. Jalolov said that this battalion fought with Ukrainians Russia military should join forces.

Russia according to the information released by the media earlier this week, more than 40 volunteers in the provinces and ethnic republics of the country military compounds have been created.

Russia started an unjustified war against Ukraine at the end of February. Ukraine Faced with decisive resistance from its armed forces, Moscow changed its target at the end of March. Ukraine the capital Kyiv withdrew its forces from the vicinity and north, and focused on the east and southeast of the country.

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