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Arrests of journalists continue in Iran

Local sources report that four more journalists were convicted in Luristan last month

Last month, at least six journalists in Iran’s western province of Luristan faced persecution for their professional activities. The information was provided by local sources.

Roydad24 news agency of August 10wrote that the editor-in-chief of “Balutestan” newspaper Muhammad Basati sentenced to six months in prison and a fine of 80 million rials ($260). This happened after a complaint by the Imam Khomeini Relief Fund.

The charity fund was established in 1979 to support poor families. Foundation Iran supports the government with budget funds.

The judgment of the court says that Basati WhatsApp news in his group “fake that he could not prove news spread”. However, the verdict does not reveal the details.

Journalist in Luristan Sinai Calendar said on August 1 that he was sentenced to 27 months in prison and banned from working in the media for two years.

Kalandari was a 16-year-old teenager who was killed by her husband last September Mobina Suriwrote from The man who committed the “honor” murder was a clergyman.

Roydad24 reports that the courts of Qalandari and Basati are heard by the same judge.

Local sources report that four more journalists were convicted in Luristan last month.

The provincial governor recently accused all journalists on the occasion of Journalists’ Day in Iran cancellation instructed to do.

Journalists and media activists who write about corruption and the negative aspects of the government in Iran are usually imprisonment is being In the provinces, even the slightest criticism of officials can result in severe punishment.

In some cases, journalists are directly threatened with violence by the government.


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