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Azerbaijan has completed the construction of an alternative road to the Lachin corridor

Published: 11 August 2022 17:13

Azerbaijan He completed the construction of an alternative road to the Lachin corridor. New without entering the city of Lachin car The total length of the road is 32 km. Of this 10 km Armenia is located in the territory and the Armenians have not yet started the construction work. Azerbaijan It is not known how much the party spent on the construction of the road. 4 passes along the road car bridge was also built.

The width of the traffic section of the road with 3 traffic lanes on the slopes and 2 traffic lanes on the other parts is 7-10.5 meters, the width of the soil bed is 12-15 meters.

With the completion of the road construction, the process of replacing the Lachin corridor is expected to begin. Armenians who have already settled in the city of Lachin and the village of Zabukh have been given until August 25 to leave the territories. Residents in the early days protest even if they do, irremediably Azerbaijan they have started to evacuate the territories that will come under their control. It is not yet known where they will be transferred.

The replacement of the Lachin corridor led to the second Karabakh war 10 provided for in the November statement.

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Azerbaijan news

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