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‘Bright’ color warning from Iranian police |

They are demanding freedom for those detained because of hijab

in Iran judge authorities have warned manufacturers and sellers of women’s clothing that they will be shut down if they use “bright, flashy” colors in their products.

Head of fashion and clothing organization in Iran Majid Emami The website Roydad24 wrote with reference to the Ministry of Industry and Trade that if the manufacturers of women’s clothing use “screaming” colors, they may lose the right to produce knee-high outerwear. In Iran, women use such outerwear a lot.

The rule regarding “illegal” colors is not disclosed

However, he added that there are no instructions or rules about which colors are considered “illegal”.

Emami also noted that “society has no problem with knee-length outerwear in bright colors.”

“If the relevant institutions want to limit this product, they should change the taste of the first society,” Emami emphasized.

This news It is taking place at a time when the pressure against those who violate the hijab rule is intensified in Iran. In recent weeks, women who have been reported to have violated this rule have been removed from government buildings, banks, and public transport.

In Iran, the hijab has been compulsory for women and girls over the age of 9 since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

After the hijab scandal on the bus…

In western Lurestan province, hundreds of human rights activists issued a statement against the hijab rule protest called for the release of the woman detained for what she did. He was reportedly beaten to make a confession on television.

Those who signed the letter Sepideh Rashnoon state televisionmandatory they called the confession” a “ridiculous act” and condemned the “insulting behavior” towards the producer of the television program, Rashno.

Iran Human Rights Activists News Her agency said on August 5 that Rashno was beaten to confess to violating hijab rules on television.

According to the witnesses, when Rashno was transferred to the hospital, his blood pressure was low and he could hardly walk. Immediately after the examination, he was returned to the prison.

28-year-old writer and artist Rashno was detained on June 15. Before that, a video of his argument with a woman who controls hijab on a bus in Tehran was released. That woman threatened to send the video of Rashno riding the bus without a hijab to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

His eyes were darkened and he was pale

After that, Rashno, who was detained, was not provided with a lawyer, and the charges against him were not announced.

“Where’s Sepideh?” on Twitter. The campaign was launched with the hashtag.

When Iran’s state television showed him on July 30, his eyes were dark, he was pale, and he could barely walk.

Rashno was seen for a few seconds in a studio-like place, probably judge pronounced the sentences as written by the organs.

Those who signed the statement called themselves “Luristan is different social men and women from their classes”, they demand the immediate release of Sepideh Rashno and an apology from the state television. They are Iran from the judiciary to Rashno “torture giving and on television mandatory they called to take legal action against those who spread his confession.


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