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Casualties of the 64th Brigade. ‘Everyone went to SVO’ |

“Many of them were sent directly to Ukraine after training in neighboring Belarus”

Free Europe/Radio Liberty Russia investigated the losses of the 64th motorized rifle brigade of the army in the war in Ukraine. This brigade is accused of killing civilians in Bucha, north of Kyiv.

51460 in the Khabarovsk region of Russia recently military in the section, a commemorative plaque of the dead from the 64th brigade was erected. 44 on the board soldier and has the name of the officer. Freedom Radio VK social confirmed the authenticity of the photo posted on the media site.

Although it is not written where these soldiers were killed, they were all awarded the “Order of Courage”. He spread the photo on the Internet Alexey Astashov told the radio that “everyone went to SVO”. “SVO” “special military operation” is a Russian acronym. This is exactly what the Kremlin calls the war in Ukraine.

“Girls, administrative staff and new recruits” does not refer to “everyone”. However, according to him, we are talking about 95 percent of the unit’s officers, contract soldiers, and “semi-conscripts” who were forced to sign contracts under pressure.

“Many of them were sent directly to Ukraine after training in neighboring Belarus,” – Astashov said. He says that the number of personnel of the brigade is about 1,500, and the number of dead is “at least a few hundred”.

of Russia Ministry of Defence 1351 soldiers in the war on March 25 perished announced that there were 3825 wounded.

USADirector of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). William Burns last month he said that Russia’s losses were estimated at at least 15,000 dead and 45,000 wounded. USAAnother official said on August 8 that Russia had lost 70,000-80,000 dead and wounded.

The 64th motorized rifle brigade is based in Khabarovsk, and was reorganized as a regiment in the 1990s. Some of them fought in the first war in Chechnya in the 1990s. 20In the late 00s, he rose to the level of a brigade.

This military part Russia troops Kyiv came up after taking a close-up. Because of the mass murders committed in Bucha of Ukraine Ministry of Defence blamed this brigade.

According to the information released by Bucha officials on August 8, 458 corpses were found in the city, 419 of them were shot. torture saw and was injured with blunt instruments.

A few weeks after the news about the mass killings Putin He awarded the 64th brigade for defending “the motherland and state interests”.

At least 44 on the memorial plaque placed in the camp of the 64th brigade soldier end of February – beginning of March perished have been The first stage of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine falls on this period. Then Russia forces were trying to capture Kiev.

Other death dates are from later stages of the attack.

Seven soldier was killed on April 25. That day Ukraine The General Staff reported that Russian soldiers tried to launch an attack in the direction of Izyum-Barvinkove and Izyum-Slovyansk.

RFE/RL reports the death of 30 out of 44 soldiers, official sources social was able to confirm based on media and media information.

Military experts justify the high number of Russian casualties in the war by various factors.

Ukraine forces fought resolutely not only in the north of Kyiv, but also in Donbass and other places. Modern weapons sent by the West have strengthened their defense. In the early days of the war Ukraine soldiers north of Kiev USA‘s Javelin effectively used British NLAW anti-tank missiles.

Russia’s lack of equipment and modern equipment, inability to quickly treat and evacuate the wounded in battle, and demoralization among soldiers are among the possible factors.

American expert Michael Coffman calculated that for every Russian soldier killed, about 3.5 were wounded.

Military expert from Russia Yuri Fedotov says that before the war, the 64th brigade had about 2,500 soldiers. This brigade includes two motorized rifles and one tank battalion. In the Far Eastern Military District, where the brigade is located, many units are weakened and poorly equipped, he says.

“In order to attract additional personnel, they should receive them, train them, lead them, and go to battle with them”, – emphasizes the expert.

Fedotov does not consider it possible to release the 64th brigade, because in this case the award given by Putin would be lost.

Analysts of the “Conflict Intelligence Team” research group consider the number of casualties announced by Astashov to be true, but state that this applies only to contract soldiers.


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