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The former deputy chairman of the YAP Youth Organization and his sister are in court… |


Among the victims is a war veteran

New Azerbaijan of the party (BUILD) Aytaj Aliyeva, the former deputy chairman of the Youth Organization and the mayor of Binagadi district of Baku, has been in prison for 9 months on charges of fraud and forged documents. imprisonment done. To his work now Baku It is being tried in the Court of Serious Crimes.

Aytaj Aliyeva is being tried together with her sister Ilknur Aliyeva (Turkut). His sister is also accused of fraud. But unlike the former mayor, his sister is under house arrest.

It is alleged that the Aliyeva sisters deceived people in a total of 16 episodes and seized nearly half a million manats. According to the indictment, they are accused of deceiving people in the name of buying and selling gold and jewelry, seizing their money, giving a citizen a false document related to the sale of a plot of land in Binagadi settlement, and receiving money in the name of getting a job.

In the court, there were many scandals between the accused and the victims. The victims demand their money.

This time court meeting, it became known that among the victims there is also a veteran of the Karabakh war. In the name of Ilknur Aliyeva getting a job from this person named Tural 20It is claimed that he received 00 manat money.

Judge Ilknur Aliyeva, who is under house arrest, asked whether she intended to pay the damages to the war veteran:

“The amount of damage to other victims is huge. This person is only 2 thousand manats, he is also a participant in the war…”

Ilknur Aliyeva said that she will pay for the damage.

Court investigations are ongoing. Next on this case court The meeting will be held on August 23.

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