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What do they write to the president?

As a responsible citizen, journalist and regular viewer, I always read the letters posted on the president’s website. I also watch these letters written to the president from all over the country and from different continents of the world with a sense of pride. To the events that draw attention to us in the world, happening in our country, socialpolitical I want to embrace these human beings who react to processes, even to orders that do not concern foreign citizens. Every letter excites a person, the lack of words evokes emotions, sometimes you drown in tears, there are times when you take up smoking, and you want to drink until you are speechless. But you hold back, you think about your health, the desire to read how many letters full of thanks are yet to be written forces you to stop.
For example, 2020I will never forget the letter written by Yanjie Qiao, Ren Zhi, Yanping Zhong, Xin Wang, Huan Zhang, Meng Wang, Yilian Gao, Caiyan Wu, Wei Qi from China’s Guangzhou University on April 29; Even if I have trouble pronouncing their blessed names…

Or a total of our demonic siblings 10 day before – 2020How can you forget this letter written on April 19?! One of the special features of this letter is that it was written before the 44-day war, that is, when everyone was standing in line for praise. After the war, there are many such letters, countless, sometimes there are excessive praises in those letters. However, Mohammad Bey’s letter is also valuable because it is the heartfelt words of a far-sighted citizen rooted in sincere notes. Come and meet me, I believe you will agree with me, dear readers:

“Mr President.
I am one Azerbaijan I express my deep gratitude to you as a citizen. Not only because you fulfill your duties as the head of state, but also because you, as a leader, Azerbaijan you think citizen. It is impossible not to hear this from all your decisions.
Mr President, love to you! And how happy we are… You are a gift from God to us. I and those around me are proud of you. May God protect our Azerbaijan and you. It’s good that we have a leader like you in these difficult times.
Sincerely, Zamanov (Arsoy) Muhammed Sevindik oglu”.

I know I made you emotional, but I couldn’t help sharing it, I wanted to share my joy…
Now, I will make some not so pleasant additions to these pleasant notes, I will express my remarks regarding some letters written to the President. Frankly, I don’t know who or who posted those letters there. Although I have written several times criticizing some of the letters, there have been no reactions from the visitors of that site so far. The reason is not clear, maybe their heads are very confused, they don’t have time to pay attention to every scribble, or I also understand the difficulty of having to read other people’s letters and sometimes write letters instead of them. For example, the problem that I often and consistently complain about is that some famous people abuse the opportunity they are given. What is this? The rules for writing a letter to the President’s website are in the Applications section of the website. It states that there is a limit to the application: no more than 500 characters can be written (previously 1500 characters were allowed), but Thank God Pashazade In his letter, he passes the 3 thousand mark. The volume of the letter he wrote to the President together with the leaders of religious denominations in Azerbaijan is more than 5 thousand characters. Another one, Shusali living in Masazir Pomegranate He can write a letter of 2 thousand 130 characters to the site. The letter written together by the representatives from America to the Zafar congress held in Shusha consists of 4534 characters. There are many such examples…

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These are tolerable, but what bothers me as a regular reader are some inconsistencies in the letters. So, just these days – on August 5, 3 thousand 298 characters of the person named Fatma Safaraliyeva was uploaded to the site. the letter is placed. The signature caught my eye and its War, Labor and the Armed Forces Veterans Organization 10I found out that the 0-year-old chairman is Mrs. Fatma. But there was one mistake, the site operators should not have allowed it. Ms. Fatma’s last name is Sattarova, not Safaraliyeva. On January 24 this year President him 10On the occasion of his 0th birthday, he was awarded the “Independence” order with this surname award and that order is placed in another section of the site – the Documents section. Apparently, letters and orders are handled by separate people on the site. That may be why…

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As for the last name issue, it is understandable that a 100-year-old woman may have memory problems, forget her last name, and not write the letter herself, but the website employees who work in a very responsible position, write and read letters, and post them, should be careful and not forget that they wrote the letters to the President…

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“… as veterans, as always, we will continue to support your policy, our state, national “We will continue to stand guard over our interests, and we will not hesitate to make any sacrifices for the bright future of our state.”

Making a mistake in a letter written on behalf of a 100-year-old woman, ending on such an optimistic note, would not bring pride to anyone. Looking forward to reading new, interesting posts…
Looks like I exceeded the limit too…

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