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There were explosions near the airfield in Belarus

According to the Ministry of Defense of Belarus, August 10at 11 in the evening military the car’s engine is on fire

Several near the airfield in Belarus explosion happened. Ukraine authority Russia Weather Forces Ukraine says that he used this airfield to attack his territory.

“Belaruski Hayun” and “Flagshtok” Telegram channels on August 11 with reference to witnesses news said that last night at least eight near the Zyabrauka airfield in the Gomel region in the south-east of Belarus explosion committed.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Belarus, August 10at 11 in the evening military the engine of the car caught fire, “measures were taken to extinguish the fire”, no one was injured.

A few days ago of Ukraine in the occupied Crimean peninsula Russia military explosions were carried out at the base, at least 9 Russia military plane it’s broken. Kyiv did not claim responsibility for the attack.

of Russia Ministry of Defence and that the Saki base in Crimea was not attacked, the explosions “fire he said that it was caused by the violation of safety rules.

Ukraine officials say that Russia is using the Zyabrauka base in the war against Ukraine. According to the information released by the army last month, Russia has placed Iskander-M and S-400 mobile missile systems at this airport, from which it is launching attacks on Ukraine.

Belarus on August 11 weather It is the last day of the military exercises which started two days ago. The Belarusian authorities said that the second stage of the exercises will be held on August 22-25 at the Ashuluk military training base located in the south-west of Russia, on the border with Kazakhstan.

The authoritarian leader of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, openly supported Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Although Belarusian soldiers did not participate in the occupation, Minsk allowed the Russian army to enter Ukraine through its territory and bombard Ukrainian cities.


Azerbaijan news

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