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At the opening of the hotel, where the names of the officials under the president are announced |


Azerbaijan President of the Republic Ilham Aliyev and the first lady Mehriban Aliyeva participation in the opening of “Basqal Resort & Spa” hotel in Ismayilli district on August 12 they did.

Presidential Affairs Director Ramin Guluzade informed them about the work done in the hotel and said that the “Basqal Resort & Spa” hotel, located in a mountainous area and surrounded by lush forests, consists of 179 rooms and luxury suites, 4 cottages with three rooms and 1 cottage with a heated outdoor pool.

At the opening of most of the luxury hotels being built in the country Inspiration Aliyev himself is participating. Such investigations reveal that these hotels belong to the Aliyev family or people close to the family. Meydan TV “Basqal Resort & Spa” made a short investigation about who owns the hotel. It turned out that the system administrator of the Presidential Affairs Office as the hotel owner Fuzuli Mahmudovthe name of the flour becomes This is a picture of the hotel of the site domain is also found. So, the domain of the site “” is directly an IT specialist Fuzuli Registered with Mahmudov’s official email –

Domain information and Fuzuli Mahmudov

“On the fight against corruption” Law the president, prohibits other officials, including MPs, from engaging in entrepreneurial activities. In that case Ilham Aliyev Why should he participate in the opening of the hotel named after the official who violated the law he signed? Or does the Office of Presidential Affairs also “handle” the president’s personal facilities? Because the name of the responsible persons of this department comes from behind the company that built the hotel.

On the right is Oktay Shahbazov, on the left is his son-in-law Ali Huseynov

Thus, the hotel “Continent Construction” LLC built. Local press what he wrote According to this, the real owner of “Kontinent Construction” LLC is Oktay Shahbazov, who was the head of affairs of the President. He is the father of Parviz Shahbazov, Ministry of Energy. The company is the son-in-law of Oktay Shahbazov Ali Huseynov manages.

Ali Huseynov is also a member of the Board of Directors at “Pasha Hayat Sigorta” OJSC is a member.

Ali Abdulhuseyn oglu Huseynov as well Azerbaijan Bank Which is not Credit Organization (IOC) is the owner. he Baku State University of Law of the department also works as a teacher.

The name of “Kontinent Construction” LLC is often found in the media. In April of this year, a group of Karabakh veterans to the press complaint They said that they were treated like slaves. According to the workers, although they worked 70 hours instead of 40 hours, labour they cannot get their rights.

The head of the company, Ali Huseynov, threatens to fire veterans who demand their rights.

The area where the “Basqal Resort & Spa” hotel is located is also noteworthy for one issue. The hotel is right from the side President of AZAL Jahangir Askerov has a villa. There are allegations of feeding wild animals in this manor, which is located in the forest, on a fenced area of ​​11,000 square meters.

Azerbaijan news

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