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“Of course, Azerbaijan Manat directly depends on oil. “I don’t think there will be any pressure on the manat in the current situation.”

Economist expert Natig Jafarli said this in his statement. According to him, Azerbaijan budget surplus, foreign trade balance is quite high, there is a positive balance.

“That’s why there is a certain reduction in the price of oil Azerbaijan I don’t think it will affect the manat. The average price of oil this year 100 dollars can be expected to be around The price of oil from the beginning of the year to mid-July 10It was higher than $0. That’s why Azerbaijan the total price of oil until the end of the year 10It will be above $0. This once again shows that the role of the oil factor in influencing the fluctuations in the economy of Azerbaijan and the exchange rate of the manat is high. Since independence, our economy has been dependent on oil. The biggest problem is that we cannot reduce the dependence on oil.” (Unique)

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