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Do not create tension in contacts and relationships

RAM – The relationship between the Moon and Mercury creates the basis for a calm, even somewhat slow development of events. There may be delays and delays in work.
The arrival of the information you expect is delayed.
Having achieved inner harmony, take a breath and do your best to solve the problem that has been solved for a long time.
Focus on concrete, practical aspects of work. Look for a job that promises financial income or will lead to an improvement in your financial situation. This is not the time for promises, help, pseudo-humanism.
Take care of your appearance. Do not buy the thing that you think you need, but it is nothing but a waste of money, with a high-interest bank loan. In this case, the item will cost you twice its value.
Don’t be fooled by empty promises and sweet language.
Reasonable efforts will pay off.

Taurus – Relations between Hyperion and Mimas of the day it can upset those who expect it to pass slowly and unhurriedly. The situation of the coming weeks is determined today. Do not be lazy, work, earn money.
Get ready for serious work. Create rules at home. Get rid of unnecessary things in the workplace.
Today is not profitable for shopping.
Find time for a good rest in the evening. Be with your loved one, don’t rush anywhere. The evil of the morning is better than the good of the evening.

Twins – Umbriel and Leda’s relationship draws your attention with energy. Use all skills and opportunities to not lag behind in the development of an important issue.
A serious problem may arise in the coming days and it should be prevented now. Use all tools to obtain the necessary information. Negotiations and consultations can be conducted with partners, colleagues or coworkers.
Take time for yourself. Communicate with nice people in the evening.

Cancer – Even if you want to work a little slowly, the day requires you to be active and determined. The relationship of Callisto and Titan makes conditions for travel, business trips, and assignments favorable.
Do not take risks, do not encourage extreme conditions. Do not tire yourself with extra work.
of the day anxiety and tension may arise in the second half. Try to have the person you care about by your side. Do something that relaxes you.

Lion – The relationship between Liciteia and Enceladus requires determination and perseverance from you. Do not spare your efforts to achieve your goals.
Involve others in the work to be done, do not let responsible people avoid work by being lazy.
Fun and relaxation can wait a while.
If the idea has taken a firm place in your mind, create conditions for its realization.
It is a good day for communication. But do not interfere in the life interests of the other party.

Girl – Oberon and Tefeya’s relationship promises a comfortable turn today. Restore your strength, take care of your appearance. Pay attention to health.
Shopping of the day It is recommended if it is in the first half.
Impressions will be abundant, and they will act as a stimulus for the development of an important topic for you. Pay attention to sudden thoughts, signs and suggestions.
Be active, don’t be passive.

Libra – The relationship between Saturn and Venus today allows for high work ability and a constructive approach to solving problems.
It will be difficult to radically change someone’s opinion and position. Ideas aimed at solving the current topic or stabilizing positions will be immediately positively evaluated. Create more rules in the environment to feel confident.
Complete small repairs at home, solve problems.
In personal relationships, only specific gestures will be appreciated. Do more by dreaming less today.

Scorpio – The relationship between Saturn and Mars promises a calm day without serious problems. Even if you feel a bit lazy and sluggish, don’t pay attention to the things that can distract you from the main work.
Solve the problem at home because family members are complaining about your neglect.
You can do a large amount of work, emphasize certain details, revise plans.
Someone close to you can help you by playing a positive role.
Do not put pressure on your colleagues at work, lest you meet with inappropriate objection.

Archer – The relationship between Makemake and the Earth allows you to take less of life by dealing with financial and material issues. There is no need to rush now.
Follow the regime, take care of your health.
Physical exercises or work are recommended. If there are too many things to do, don’t be tempted by the possibility of extra income and start another business.
In the second half of the day, the pace of events will slow down a bit.
Take some outdoor walks in the evening. But don’t let yourself get cold.
Watch your throat, because the risk of catching the flu or a cold is very strong.

Capricorn – The relationship between Serera and Mercury will allow you to temporarily forget about tension, anxiety and worry and focus on work and solving problems.
Family concerns and relationships will come to the fore, there will be a need to clarify relations at work.
Be practical, stand firm.
Do not harshly criticize the people dear to you, do not keep secrets from them. Praise your loved ones. Showing sympathy should not turn into making big promises.

Aquarius – The relationship of Erida and Venus allows you to take advantage of the day. Determine the form and scope of work to be done, make a plan, share the burden with a colleague, partner or partner.
Contact the person who is important to you, discuss the problem with him.
Postponing the secondary work, deal with the important matter in a specific place.
Organize files and folders on your computer.
Do not create tension in contact and relationships. Contact when needed.
Devote your evening hours to your favorite pastime or interest.

Fishes – The relationship between Moon and Deimos wants to take things seriously today. The external factors of the day are positive. There are no restrictions for communication, receiving information that interests you.
If someone or something reminds you of their existence, it is not a random event. Make the necessary calls, write letters, do not upset the person who expects attention from you.
Keep promises.
Do not be stubborn in personal relationships. A thought-provoking event may occur.
It is recommended to spend the evening hours in an interesting place.
Create conditions for a comfortable rest by refusing to meet at late hours.

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