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“Every day there is no electricity for 5-6 hours” |


In some villages, residents suffer from lack of electricity and old lines

Electricity is intermittently supplied to some villages of Goychay district. Residents say that this situation has become more intense recently. They say that they are suffering from the consequences of daily power outages.

“Every day, 5-6 hours of electricity disappears. Often it happens at the same time. Clock 10they turn it off, we stay without electricity until 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Sometimes they burn later. You cannot do anything, nor can you plan your work. A little rain and a light breeze are enough to cut off the light for a day”, – Lekçiplaq village resident Nargiz Ismayilova says so.

He says they don’t know why the electricity is cut off every day:

“It has winter and autumn. Then it’s terrible.”

In Goychay district, which has 55 villages, most of the villagers experience the same situation in all seasons. Although rain in winter and wind in spring and autumn are the main reasons for power outages, the same thing happens in summer. This time the reason is not revealed to anyone.

Photo: Meydan TV

Residents say that the situation is worse in villages located 25-30 km from the district center. According to them, especially Lekciplaq, Alpoud, Beydovul, Inche, Garakhidir, Mirti, AlivillageŞekar, in remote villages such as Veysalli, which was established since the Soviet erahungry electric poles, outdated transformers and patch power lines have expired. As a result, as soon as there is a small breeze and light rain, there is a break in the high voltage lines, winding, or suddenly a short circuit occurs in the transformers that have been loaded for years.

Alivillage Sabina Salmanova, a resident, says that in strong winds, electric poles topple, power lines break quickly because they are close to trees, or even a light touch causes a power outage. This is a source of real danger for people and other living things. That’s how the supports put on bending electric poles rot.

Confidence cannot be done. Next to him childwhen it’s an animal, it “shocks”

Sabina Salmanova says that outdated power lines have become a source of danger. Often the lines hit trees, break, fall into someone’s yard:

“There is an animal in the yard, a pet bird. There have been such unfortunate incidents in the villages, when the power line broke due to heavy rain and wind and fell down, hitting a child or someone. How many times whitehungry poles are overturned. The people make it themselves. All are on the side of the road, in the neighborhood, or in someone’s backyard. It is made by artisanal methods, trust cannot be done.”

Other residents from Alikand have the same opinion:

Photo: Meydan TV

“It can’t be like that. Lines, poles must change. The transformers are old, they need to be renewed so that there is no overload. And you see a pole about to topple, patchwork lines and open transformers side by side. If you don’t have control, you’ll have an accidentanar“.

Sabina Salmanova says that interruptions and interruptions in the supply of electricity have made residents in the villages dependent on themselves. Especially in the summer, most of the residents’ work depends on electricity. Women suffer more. Because household cares and daily routine work are interrupted due to electricity, making them suffer more.

“When the power goes out, we cut the trees in the yard and do our work in the hearth. It’s hard too”

One of the residents, Aygun Aliyeva, tells Meydan TV that everything from bread to tea, from the refrigerator to the Internet is achieved through electricity:

“We depend on electricity. Because our daily cooking, preparation, and life depend on it. It’s summer, they give the gas very weakly, as if a candle is burning. Sometimes they don’t give it. We are forced to use electricity to make tea, make a river, and cook food. In the summer, we often heat water for washing and washing clothes. The water does not even come, it is connected to the light. We have to bring muddy water with a bucket from far away. Weather it is very hot, the air conditioner or air conditioner does not work.”

Photo: Meydan TV

Aygun Aliyeva says that when the electricity is cut off, they are forced to cut down the trees in the yard and make fires.

“This is also difficult. Why light a fire in this heat? How do you deal with the stove and firewood every day? As if all difficulties are for us. What is the meaning of the blackout for no reason and repeating every day?!”

It happened that it rained for two nights per day we are longing for the light”

Sevinj Khalilova, a resident of Garakhidir village, complains about the same problem. He says that many times the dough was left in his hand, which means he could not bake his bread. He had to spend the nights by candlelight. If the refrigerator does not work in the summer, the food also becomes unusable:

“It happened that it rained for two nights per day we are longing for light. The last days they turn off every day. The energy problem in Karakhir reminds of the 90s. Transformers are not safe. It is 140 volts. That evening, I kneaded the dough until morning bread I will cook, the next day the light went out until noon. The dough was too bitter, it was not suitable for cooking. It has happened to me and my neighbors many times.”

Photo: Meydan TV

“Some lines are patchy, lights are cut off because trees are touching the lines. Even if you apply, there is no one looking. These lines and poles must be replaced. as soon as the light goes out, so does the internet. It happens for days, for hours from relatives, family members, the country news you can’t catch it, you remain uninformed”, Sevinj Khalilova complains.

Each transformer covers 60-70 houses”

Residents say that they were in this problem until 2015. The station in the part of the Shirvan canal that passes through the territory of Bigir village of Goychay district, which was built and put into use since that year. 20 It was supposed to cover 25 percent of the total district demand by producing million kilowatt-hours of electricity. Currently, 16 villages of the region receive electricity from that station. Technical problems often experienced at the station are more pronounced in those 16 villages.

A Meydan TV employee investigated the current situation by contacting residents of dozens of large and remote villages of the region, such as Alpoud, Beydovul, Bighir, Lekçiplag, Chakhirli, Garabaggal, Mirti, Alikand. It turned out that there is a daily power outage in all the villages, and some repairs have not been carried out in the electricity lines of these villages and others in recent years. The situation is the same in all of them: rotten whitehungry poles, patchy lines and frequent power outages.

Photo: Meydan TV

Aliheydar Rzayev, chairman of the Alpout village municipality, said that the village with a population of about 3,000 has 5-6 transformers, one of which was completely out of order, so there were frequent problems with electricity in the village. It’s been almost two months, the new one has been launched, but it also works poorly due to high load. As a result, the household equipment of the residents in the village is damaged due to the poorly functioning transformer. Often there is a short circuit in the electrical lines, which causes the connected household equipment to malfunction.

“How many refrigerators, TVs, air conditioners, washing machines, electric stoves, computers, water motors and other equipment were useless because of this. Hot weather under these conditions, everything in the refrigerator spoils,” says the mayor.

According to him, each transformer covers 60-70 houses, which is less:

Photo: Meydan TV

“There should be many transformers so that there is no overloading. Yes, that’s why there is concern. These transformers are also overloaded and do not have enough power per day to work. This transformer repairs, for example, 60 families, but it cannot complete it. This causes residents to protest. If it is changed, it will be good. They said that it will be changed in the next 3 years, but it has not started yet. Probably when funds if they separate, then the work will go on. There is also a problem with the lines, they are close to the trees. As soon as you touch it, the electric energy passes. In general, everything should be changed in order to find a complete solution to the problem.”

“As soon as I start work, the lights go out during the rush of work, and I stay like this”

Not only women suffer from the problem, but also men whose work depends on electricity. Especially craftsmen and welders. Mirti village resident Fariz Musayev says that he is a master of years. As soon as construction and repairs begin, the lights go out. As a result, his work remains unfinished. Thus, the work is delayed for days:

“In the peak of work, the lights go out, I stay like that. Because “current” is often needed. I have to cut, cut, plan, and inspect the houses, disassemble, repair and inspect household appliances. They definitely need energy. If not, I leave the work unfinished. Both my work is late, I run out of time, and I get angry myself. How many of my jobs have been delayed for days due to light. The work I was supposed to do in two or three days has been delayed for days. Moreover, my connected equipment is out of order.”

Dangerous transformers

A serious problem in the villages is that most of the transformers are not fenced and on the roadside, school placing it in places close to the territory. The residents of Lekçiplag village are also very worried about this issue. Located near the village school, the transformer is very close to the main highway. This is also dangerous for schoolchildren, those using transport, as well as for objects built in the area.

“Lakçiplak is a very big rope. There are two schools. This school it is a main school that is very close to the road. Students come to school by the transformer. The main facilities are also located here. It is the most crowded place. After our appeal, the transformer near the road has been fenced off. We want all the transformers here to be fenced, the old ones to be renewed, and the ones on the roadside, near the school, to be replaced,” said one of the residents of Lekçiplag village.

Photo: Meydan TV

Residents say that staying without electricity for daysgas does not suit his country. Appeals to the relevant institution regarding unexplained power outages are mostly dismissed with excuses such as “temporary difficulty”, “pruning and repair works are underway in the villages” or “the lines of residents who do not pay for energy are cut”. Villagers say that they spend 30-50, sometimes 70-80 manats of electricity per month, which most of them pay on time.

“Otherwise, the family will be left without electricity immediately because there is a delay and the borrowing limit is exceeded. Therefore, these are lies that the relevant institution has been telling the residents for years,” one of the villagers said.

I to no one report I don’t give”

Goychay Electric Network of “Central Aran” Regional Energy Supply and Sales Department chief Ruslan Mammadov rejects what the residents say. Before Meydan TV’s inquiry, he said that “there has never been a fact of power outage in the villages”. chief then called the problem a “temporary difficulty” and was annoyed by the question:

“There are no 4-5 hour power outages in the villages. Can not be. The lights are always on. For example, it didn’t light for two days last week, and we warned about it. Tree pruning was going on in the village of Mirti. It is a temporary difficulty. I to no one report I don’t give I say there are no blackouts. No one’s electricity is cut off, and no energy is sold. They also banned us from giving an interview. Why is there a power outage, contact the press secretary of the institution and let them explain.”

Photo: Meydan TV

The press secretary of “Azerishiq” OJSC Vagif Aydinoglu admitted that there is a problem with electricity in the villages. He connected the provision of intermittent energy with carrying out certain works in the villages:

“It is true that most regions have electric poles, lines, and transformers from the Soviet era, built in the 50s and 60s. We don’t deny it, we show it all the time. In this regard, we have even shared the rest days that there is such a problem in the country. It takes a long time. But it is resolved gradually. As for where there is a problem and in which villages when the lights were turned off, in which villages there are problems in this area, send it to us in writing and we will investigate.”

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