Friday Wrap-up: veterans’ database, scientific articles and summoning of activists


Published: 12 August 2022 17:34

The week of August 8-12 saw a creation of a electronic register for veterans, Azerbaijan’s number of scientific articles per habitant and summoning of public activists to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Electronic register of war veterans is being created

After last month veterans’ protests about not receiving adequate disability support, the Cabinet of Minister decided to create an electronic data bank containing information about those who fought on wars and their families.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population announced that the data will be kept electronically in a Centralized Electronic Information System.

According to the governmental body, the creation of a single electronic information will enable the prompt determination of their disability status in real time during the applications to state bodies in the future, and will enable flexible and proactive consideration of social security rights.

SCImago: the fewest number of scientific articles in the region are written in Azerbaijan

In a list published by the SCImago Journal Rank, Azerbaijan ranks last in the Caucasus region in terms of the number of scientific articles per 100,000 people.

In total, 1,829 scientific articles of Azerbaijani researchers were published in 2021, ranking the country as 92nd among 232 countries. This number decreased from 1,885 in 2020. Engineering, information and communication are the most common fields for articles written by Azerbaijani scholars.

SCImago Journal Rank measures the scientific influence of scholarly journals, taking into consideration both the number of citations received by a journal and the importance or prestige of the journals where the citations come from.

General Prosecutor’s Office issues an official statement about summoning public activists

The General Prosecutor’s Office released an official statement about last weeks’ summon of public activists and other citizens to the General Prosecutor’s Office for warnings because of their posts on social networks.

“In some cases, in response to threats, social network users oppose the conduct of military operations, spread false information, share fake or old images, and attempt to update them without any basis. Those attempts, which do not have good intentions, are masked by freedom of information, historical quotes taken out of context, and false pacifist views” informs the statement.

The General Prosecutor’s Office grounds it summoning arguing that requirements of the Law “On Media”, which establish impartial and objective presentation of facts and events, were not observed.

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