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Is it legal to check the trunks of cars? – VIDEO |

“The luggage of cars is checked in the garages and parking lots of some facilities. Most of the time this is said to be done for security reasons. However, the law does not allow inspection of a person’s property without his consent”.

Lawyer Emil Aslanov clarified the issue.

He said that a person’s private property is inviolable, no part of his car can be inspected without his permission.

So the law in what cases does it allow checking the luggage of the cars?

To the question of the traffic safety promotion and relations with public institutions department of the Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs chief Rovshan Taghiyev answered: “If a search has been announced for the vehicle or there are grounds for inspecting the vehicle in accordance with the Code of Administrative Offenses, as well as if there are doubts about the transportation of any illegal cargo in the detained vehicle, in this case, the employees of the Road Patrol Service the car can be inspected.”


Azerbaijan news

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