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Nazarbayev came out to the people

82-year-old ex the president After the riots in January, it is the third time he has appeared

A past rarely seen in public the president Nursultan Nazarbayev He participated in the opening of a new mosque in Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan. Him january accompanied two assistants who were fired after their protests.

82-year-old ex the president After the riots in January, it is the third time he has appeared.

Nazarbayev made a short speech about the construction of the mosque.

He ruled Kazakhstan for almost thirty years. Resigning in 2019 Gasim-Jomart Tokayevi chose a successor.

Nazarbayev, who retained his exclusive powers as the head of the Security Council, also retained the title of “Elbaşı”.

In January of this year, protests over rising fuel prices swept the country, turning into mass anger against nepotism that had taken root during Nazarbayev’s rule. In riots 20More than 0 people were killed, hundreds were detained.

After these events, Tokayev removed Nazarbayev from the Security Council and replaced him. A number of relatives and allies of the former president were dismissed and resigned. Some on charges of corruption imprisonment they were done.

Nazarbayev’s name and his title “Elbaşı” were removed from the Constitution by the June referendum initiated by Tokayev cancellation has been done.

Critics call the current president’s initiatives cosmetic. They say that in a country where corruption and nepotism are entrenched, the autocratic system will largely remain unchanged.


Azerbaijan news

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