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Sharp inflation has deprived many Iranians of fruits and vegetables

Iran Fruit– The head of the Association of Vegetable Sellers, Asadulla Kargar, told the Resalat newspaper that due to rising prices, Iranians fruit consumption decreased by 50 percent

Rising by leaps and bounds in Iran inflation more and more Iranians fruit-forces savings in vegetable consumption.

Iran industry is still under international sanctions.

Iran Asadulla Kargar, the head of the Fruit and Vegetable Sellers Association, told Resalat newspaper that due to rising prices, the consumption of fruits by Iranians has decreased by 50 percent:

“The high prices force some families to buy spoiled fruits.”

Iranian Statistics Center reports that food prices in July inflation It reached 90.2 percent.

Last month, the head of the Iranian Beef Retail Union said that meat sales 20 interest has fallen.

The head of the Food Industry Federation stated that the total consumption of food in the country has decreased by half.

The Dairy Products Industry Association reports that the consumption of these products due to the increase in the prices of these products up to 80 percent in recent months 20 interest has fallen.

13 of the chief dollars promise

President Ibrahim Raisi’s government prices Although he is trying to control it, the tension in the country is increasing.

Last May, the government started the so-called “economic surgery” policy.

This policy involved the reform of subsidies and the end of devaluation of the foreign exchange rate for the purchase of essential products such as food.

Chief government as well as 4 million rials or 13 per Iranian for every two months dollars promised to be compensated.

But price increases continue to outpace any subsidy attempts.

Iran’s economy has been USAis crushed under the sanctions of

Extreme inflation hospital, prison and child began to seriously hinder the work of institutions such as kindergartens.

Economic difficulties, national currency devaluation and inflation across the country in recent months protest caused actions to be held.


Azerbaijan news

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