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The families of those killed on January 20 are unhappy

32 years ago, in 1990 in Azerbaijan 20 January during the events perished relatives of those who died today, August 12, in Baku Martyrs In the alley protest held an action. They are perished expressed their displeasure with not being given an honorary title and carelessness to their loved ones.

Action according to the participants, even though they have applied for the issue many times, the problem is not solved. According to their emphasis, in 1998 the president 20 In January perished about paying attention to the families of those who have decree also signed. “But until now, the documentation has not been carried out, badges and licenses have not been issued. All is left in the word. We write countless collective letters, go to receptions, nobody hears us”one of them said.

The shareholders noted that the amount of the pension given to them is also small: “There are people who need to be operated on. 500 manats pension How to operate with?”.

Action ended without incident.

It was not possible to get a reaction to the action from official institutions. But they usually say that 20 Families of those killed in January social surrounded by protective measures

According to the official statement, as of this year Labor and Population Social The Ministry of Defense provided apartments to 135 such families and 20 disabled people who were injured in those incidents. Also, as noted, 100 to 20 January a disabled person was given a passenger car.

On the night of January 19-20, 1990 (the following days continued as well), the armed forces of the USSR Azerbaijan He committed a massacre in Baku, the capital of the SSR. During those events, it was announced that more than 130 people were killed and more than 700 people were injured.

Azerbaijan evaluates those events as the stifling of the freedom struggle.

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Azerbaijan news

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