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The Prosecutor’s Office released information about the operation in the Jalilabad hospital

About the officials of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Jalilabad District Central Hospital crime released information about the start of work.

The Press Service of the Prosecutor’s Office reported that citizens in Jalilabad District Central Hospital social on the basis of the received application about committing falsification of duties during the fulfillment of a number of obligations related to security issues Prosecutor General in addition, urgent operational-search measures were conducted by the General Department of the Fight against Corruption.

Primary Determining the degrees of disability of Shukurov Emil Zakir oglu, pediatrician of the Pediatrics Department of the medical institution mentioned with operational measures, and pension medical histories of individual citizens in connection with their appointment and others medical to falsify documents by distorting their true content, to present those documents to the Hospital’s Medical Advisory Commission, and in this way to them on illegal grounds social reasonable suspicions have been established to enable the awarding of the allowance.

According to the mentioned facts Crime With articles 308.1 (abuse of official powers) and 313 (falsification of office) of the Code crime work has begun.

At the moment, investigative and operational measures are being continued in the direction of discovering other important cases in the case and bringing the persons who committed illegal actions to justice.


Azerbaijan news

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