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Zelensky urges officials not to discuss military tactics

Turkey on August 11 of Ukraine He announced that two more cargo ships left the ports of the Black Sea

Ukraine presidential officials against Russia military called to stop discussing tactics with journalists. The leading official of the Ministry of Defense said that an investigation has been launched into the information leaked to the media.

Volodymyr Zelensky he spoke on August 11. Meanwhile, in Crimea, which was annexed at the beginning of the week Russia There are speculations about the reasons for the explosions at the airfield. At least eight as a result of explosions Russia military plane shot, Russian tourists resting on the Black Sea peninsula started to leave the area in fear.

Satellite images Saki in western Crimea weather it shows that there are large ruins in the base.

Russia Although he said that negligence was behind the incident, he was not named Ukraine officials USA to newspapers Ukraine they said that their forces are responsible.

“This is not the time for boastful statements”

“War is not a time for ambition and boastful statements. The less details we disclose about our defense plans, the better for the implementation of the plans.”Zelensky he said in his address at night.

“If you want to make boastful statements, it only means one thing: frankly, it’s irresponsible. of Ukraine if you want it to win, that’s another thing, you have to be aware of your responsibility for every word we say about the government’s defense and counterattack plans. – he emphasized.

Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Malyar Facebook wrote in his post that the security services are investigating who spoke to the media.

“Such a leak disrupts the plans of the armed forces of Ukraine, because the enemy adjusts its actions, uses this information against us,” – he wrote.

So far, 14 ships have left the ports

In the meantime Turkey on August 11 of Ukraine He announced that two more cargo ships left the ports of the Black Sea. Thus, UNThe number of grain-carrying ships leaving the country within the framework of the agreement reached by

According to that agreement, the export of 22 million tons of corn and other grains, which remained in ports and warehouses since Russia began its occupation at the end of February, was opened.

The cut of exports in Ukraine, which is the world’s largest grain exporter, has made food more expensive in the world, in some countries hunger, political Uncertainty has arisen from instability.


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