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As a result of Russia’s military aggression, more than 3 thousand children were left without parents in Ukraine

3182 in Ukraine since the Russian invasion of Ukraine child left without parents. During the telethon about it National Social Service sector Child Vladimir Vovk, deputy director of the Department of Rights Protection, informed.

According to him, 541 child have lost their parents or have no relationship with them.

According to Vladimir Vovk, they currently have 312 children who have lost their parents, and 206 of these children have no documents. The director of the department says that he has little hope that the parents of these children will be found after the end of the war.

UNfrom the beginning of the war to August 7, 12,867 civilian casualties were recorded in Ukraine, of which 5,401 perished has been determined.

Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24. During this period, a number of cities and towns of the country were destroyed, thousands of people perished and millions of people fled the country.

The international world condemns this step of Russia and calls for the withdrawal of its troops from Ukraine.

Official Moscow calls the war against neighboring Ukraine “special military “operation” is called. In addition, those who use the word “war” and those who say “no to war”, including Russia Individuals and mass media reporting news that differ from the official information of the Ministry of Defense are punished.

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Azerbaijan news

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