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Estonia closes borders to Russian citizens with Schengen visas


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Certain categories of persons will not be subject to restrictive measures

Estonia with Schengen visas Russia decided to close the borders to its citizens. However, a number of exceptions will apply.

“Sanctions will be applied to Schengen visas issued by the Republic of Estonia in a week. According to that sanction, the visas will remain valid, but the visa holders will be subject to sanctions when entering the country, that is, they will be prohibited from entering Estonia”, – Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reynalsu clarified the issue at the government’s press conference.

According to the minister, a number of categories of persons will not be subject to restrictive measures:

• Employees of diplomatic missions in Estonia and their family members.

• Persons engaged in international cargo and passenger transportation.

• According to EU legislation free persons entitled to action.

• Persons whose entry to Estonia is necessary for humanitarian purposes, as well as close relatives of persons with Estonian citizenship or residence permit in Estonia.

“A large number of Schengen visas issued in Estonia remain valid, but entry to the country is prohibited for persons who do not fall under exceptional circumstances,” he noted.

Reynalsu also noted that this decision applies only to visas issued by Estonia, it does not apply to visas issued by other countries included in the Schengen zone. However, next week the Cabinet of Ministers all who have a Schengen visa Russia will discuss ways to ban its citizens from entering Estonia.

Estonia does not issue tourist visas to Russians since spring. In late July, the Estonian government Russia temporary residence permit to its citizens and education banned visas for this purpose.

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