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Unprecedented fraud “like this” – why are the stolen sums not given? |

Misli, a new bookmaker in Azerbaijan, deceives citizens. The citizen claims that does not pay the winnings.

24 hours“One of the citizens who applied said that the company does not want to give him the money he won.

“To the game between the clubs Cuiaba Esporte Clube-Atletico Mineiro 10 I deposited AZN. I have predicted that both teams will score. My coupon has arrived. However, the company does not want to give away the winnings, even though it has returned the money. The amount of the prize is 55.10 It is AZN,” said the citizen.

According to him, there is no explanation for the non-distribution of the prize. To our editors regarding the claim of the complainant evidence also presented.

"Misli" fraud

“Misli” is a subsidiary of “”, a Turkish bookmaking company. “” started operating in Azerbaijan last year with the domain “”. This company was included in “Demirören Holding” in 2019. “Demirören Holding” is a Turkish conglomerate company. Energy, real estate, construction, education“Demiroren”, which includes port areas, is a holding company that owns the country’s largest media group such as “Hürriyet”, “Milliyet”, “Vatan”, “Posta”, “CNNTürk”, “Fanatik” and “Doğan News Agency”.


It should be noted that Sedat Peker, who has been accused of being a “mafia leader” in Turkey for some time, has been accused of “Demirören Holding” and its head. Erdogan He shared serious accusations about Demirören:

According to Peker’s claims, Erdogan Demiroren opened a 50 m2 store in Sirkeci with the support of the former owner of “Milangaz” Shevki Kurtkayan. Peker claims that Shevki Kurtkayan bought shares in “Milangaz” through Demiroren because of some problems he had with his brothers, and Demiroren, in agreement with some people from the underground world, did not return the shares and thus took over “Milangaz”.

Peker also claimed that Demirören “killed a non-Muslim of Greek origin named Yorgi Papadolos and seized all his property by declaring that he was going abroad.”

Peker said that most of the archival information in his possession was given to him in 5 bags by Neriman Gulmen, the wife of the former Istanbul Public Security Department head Cemil Gulmen.

Demirören, accused of such crimes Azerbaijan its control over sports betting is puzzling in itself.

Let us inform you that “” operates as part of “Azerlotereya” in Azerbaijan.

24 hours” asks the readers to apply through the following form when they encounter situations related to such “Misli” making unfair profit:

24 hours

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