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Why was the US unable to prevent Russia from attacking Georgia in time – what a former US diplomat said

According to Fried, Saakashvili 20In 2008, it is not correct to accuse Russia of complying with the provocation, because Putin he would attack Georgia anyway

Past USA diplomat Daniel Fried to RFE/RL’s Georgian service 20Year 08 Russia– To the war in Georgia USAand why it is more important than ever in the context of Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Several former diplomats with more than 40 years of experience USA held high positions during the reign of the president. Colleagues know him as the White House official who led relations with Russia after the fall of the Berlin Wall, during both the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations.

20In August 08 Russia State Secretary Fried when he attacked Georgia Europe and was an assistant for Eurasian affairs. Fried implicitly refers to the mistakes of the Obama administration – 2009 and 2010in his years Russia talked about attempts to “reestablish” relations with

He also noted that his country took the right steps during that period. According to him, the US support to Georgia in diplomatic and other fields was important for the protection of this country’s statehood.

According to Fried, Georgia was able to preserve its independence with the support of the United States.

“Immediately after the war, we helped organize an international donor conference. The conference brought more than 4 million dollars to the Georgian economy funds gave. This was enough to keep them going. Georgia retained its independence, but lost territory. After the war, the Bush administration realized that its overtures to Putin had failed…. … It just meant that Putin went unpunished. Six years later, in 2014, he attacked Ukraine again, thinking he would go unpunished,” says Fried.

“All those involved in the politics of Georgia and Russia in the United States remember every hour of every day of that war. I spoke on the phone with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Karasin. Rice [Dövlət katibi Kondolizza] I remember talking. I remember his visit to Tbilisi in 2008 and what he said to Saakashvili… I remember the movement of Russian tanks. I remember going to Georgia. But first I went to the south of France to work on the French six-point peace plan, which was not very good. Rice and Saakashvili on the phone about the same issue while in the same room with France national I remember talking to the security adviser.

I remember them well. Broadly speaking, this meant that Putin he intended to go to war to protect the Russian Empire in his world. It’s all of us of Ukraine it is a lesson we learned from. But we did it for the first time in Georgia we learned,” said the former diplomat.

According to him, the United States was right to worry about the threat of an upcoming war:

“But we weren’t worried enough. … We should have moved sooner. We knew the impending danger. But we were a little slow to believe him. …We didn’t think the war would actually happen. People were going on summer vacation.”

Fried explained that the US analyst community’s lack of belief that Russia would attack is due to their lack of imagination:

“They could not fully understand that Putin is really an aggressor. …Even I myself did not take this matter seriously enough and stay at home (that is, in America – trans.). Because we thought that there were many crises before, and this is one of them, Russia is trying to scare Georgia, but they will not attack. …I wouldn’t want to criticize us (the US) too harshly. After all, it was probably Bush who ultimately convinced Putin to back down. You may remember, we sent planes and ships from Iraq for the first brigade of Georgia. I remember that about this to Russia news we gave Because we didn’t want to surprise them. We wanted them to know what we were doing. They are ours too weather they said that they could not guarantee the safety of their ships, which was a veiled threat. We told them: “We are coming anyway.” They also retreated.”

Fried also said that accusing the then president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili of following Russia’s provocation in 2008 is not correct. He believes that it is the same as in Ukraine Putin he would attack Georgia anyway.


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