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Drug charges against an immigrant who was arrested after returning from Germany


Pomegranate Aliyev’s wife was also banned from leaving the country

Shortly after another Azerbaijani activist with a residence permit in Germany arrived in Baku imprisonment done. Retrieved July 25 Pomegranate Narcotics charges have been brought against Aliyev. It is claimed that Pomegranate A large amount of drugs was found in Aliyev’s pocket.

His wife, Anara Aliyeva, says that the accusation of drugs is false and that he is slandered. According to him, in the morning when his wife was at home on July 25 the police employee arrived, Nizami district, 23rd the police said that the head of his department wanted to see him:

“He was the one who left. They say that the drug came out of his pants pocket. It’s a lie, I gave him those pants when I left, there was nothing in his pocket.”

Anara Aliyeva said that both she and her husband have residence permits due to the fact that they work and receive vocational education in Germany. According to him, Anar Aliyev is in Azerbaijan of human rights violation protest participated in the actions held in Germany: “This is the reason why he was put on the “black list” – his arrest.”

His wife stressed that after being detained, Anar Aliyev was subjected to pressure and his family was threatened.

“That’s why it doesn’t belong to him drug he had to accept. They said that if you don’t sign, we will bring your family. He had no other choice.”

Anara Aliyeva herself has been banned from leaving the country. When he wanted to return to Germany on August 4th weather found out at the port:

“We arrived on July 8, we were supposed to return on August 4, we had tickets from the beginning. His father sick was, he came to see him…”.

Anar Aliyeva Crime He was charged with articles 234.4.1 and 234.4.3 of the Code (acquisition, transportation, storage of large quantities of drugs for the purpose of sale by a group of persons). These articles provide up to 12 years of imprisonment.

Anar Aliyev’s press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs political activity – in Germany protest was criticized for his participation in the actions imprisonment denied the allegations. Department of the press service of the Ministry chief Elshad Hajiyev for his specific crime imprisonment stressed that it is

Seven Azerbaijanis who were deported from Germany or came voluntarily were arrested in the last year. Most of them were charged with drugs. But none of them accept this charge, drug He says that the police put them in their pockets and insulted them. Arrest in Germany Azerbaijan held in connection with the government’s violation of human rights protest they associate with their participation in their actions.

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