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The author of the “Brotherly kiss” graffiti is dead


Dmitry Vrubel reportedly died of complications from the coronavirus

Dmitry Vrubel, the author of the “Brotherly Kiss” graffiti on the Berlin Wall of former Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and German Democratic Republic leader Erich Honecker, has died at the age of 62. is reported.

It is said that the artist’s death was caused by complications from the coronavirus.

Vrubel’s wife Victoria Timofeyeva said on August 9 that the artist has been in serious condition for four weeks. According to him, Vrubel was connected to various life support devices, including artificial respiration.

Dmitry Vrubel in 1960 in Moscow was born

In 1975, he created his first work of art, “Trial of Pilate” (“Суд Пилата”).

In 1979, he entered the Faculty of Painting and Graphics of the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute.

At different times, he studied with artists Mikhail Epstein, Andrey Panchenko and Vladimir Ovchinnikov.

In 1990, he moved to Berlin.

In the same year, on the remains of the Berlin Wall, Brezhnev painted Honecker’s painting “Lord, help me to survive in the midst of this deadly love” and “Brotherly kiss”.

Graffiti has become the most popular street art in the world.

20In 2009, “Brother’s Kiss” was removed during restoration work during the twentieth anniversary of the wall’s demolition.

However, the artist restored the graffiti again.

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