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Another staff member of Safar Mehdiyev was dismissed

State customs Committee Secretariat chief from his position free was done.

First deputy chairman of the committee, temporary chairman execution by the order of Sahin Bagirov, the Secretariat yesterday chief, customs service colonel Shukurov Mukhtar Fazil his son was fired and retired.

It should be noted that in January of this year, the former chairman of the State Security Council Trip By the relevant order of Mehdiyev, Mukhtar Shukurov “Absheroncustoms of the post chief from his position free was appointed as the head of the Committee Secretariat.

It should be recalled that on August 4, Devlet Customs Committee (DGK) chairman position execution customs service general– by the order of lieutenant Shahin Bagirov of “Azerterminalcomplex” Production Union chief deputy Zeynal Targuluyev and Rafail Niftaliyev, head of the department of the General Customs Department in Energy Resources and Maritime Transport free was done.

Z. Targuluyev Trip Mehdiyev’s brother-in-law, and Rafail Niftaliyev’s son-in-law.

At the same time, Devlet, one of S. Mehdiyev’s cadres Customs Committee Head of the General Department of Technological Innovations and Statistics, customs service general-Major Temkin Khalilov was also retired on August 5. (


Azerbaijan news

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