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Both the neighbor of the Armenian and the neighbor of the Azerbaijani are bad

It will be two years since the end of the war. The reports of casualties coming from Karabakh from time to time say that the war is not over, and the phrase “the conflict is over”, which the superiors often repeat in a sarcastic manner in order to deceive the population, is new. martyrs devalues ​​at the expense of their precious lives.

Yes, the conflict is not over. Russian troops are stationed in Karabakh, and about 35,000-50,000 Armenians have been displaced there by Russians military they keep it as the anchor of their ship. Who? can easily be said Russia. But the bitter truth says that the entire West does not want to give up gambling on the “Armenian issue”. Russia now they are in serious conflict with the West in all areas, but their opinions do not diverge on one issue: they do not want to lose the Armenian card. Just this card Russia wants to keep it alone, but the West insistently says: step aside, we also want to play. Yes, from the Western Armenian card, which a part of our population worships as an idol political used, does and will continue to gamble.

Why does the conflict not end? On the surface, all the conditions for its end have been met: the army of one side of the conflict has been destroyed, Armenia of the Republic Azerbaijan of the Republic military, there is no opportunity to take a stance in front of financial and human power. So, Azerbaijan is the winning side? Those who think like that are probably right on the one hand. But at the same time, one question needs to be answered: Azerbaijan Why did the army stop at the entrance of Khankendi?

The answer is clear: the threat of intervention by forces much more powerful than Azerbaijan stopped our army. This force was not only Russia. The West was also ready to poke its nose into the South Caucasus. First UN with his resolution, then with his army.

They say concession to the past. New circumstances require a new approach. Neither we nor our Armenian neighbor chose ourselves. Astvats gave the Turks as a punishment to the Armenians, and the Armenians as a punishment to us. This is what we have and what they have. There is no way. At this point, the proverb “your neighbor is bad, move away” does not work.

Those who wanted to move from us and from them have moved away a long time ago. The rest are tired of the conflict.

Is there a way out?

Where is the exit?

The solution is inside us, in our brains, in our way of thinking. He is not only in our minds, but also in the minds of Armenians. If we want to find a way out, we must search together. If we find it, it doesn’t matter if they don’t. If they find it, if we don’t, it’s still useless. The tango of peace, the game of peace, must be played in pairs. If we want to get rid of the Russian influence and the Russian army, we must reconcile and restore mutual trust. Only in this case, the Armenian-Azerbaijani chorus can loudly say to the Russian “you can go, you must go”.

The authorities are playing their game. Nicole Pashinyan for the main purpose is to protect the power. Ilham Aliyev whatever he does higher to protect his position. That is why they take the influence of external forces seriously. They know that foreign forces have wide opportunities to influence the country.

What is the source of this breadth of influence? In the peculiarity of the Armenian and Azeri brain and way of thinking. What is this feature? An Armenian considers an Azerbaijani a dangerous enemy, an Azerbaijani considers an Armenian an enemy.

Both are right. Wasn’t that the last 35 years of our history? Weren’t we Armenians who massacred Azerbaijanis? Was it the Azerbaijanis who massacred the Armenians?

Who was fighting whom in the last 44-day war? Who killed whom?

Take a look at the world of ideas of both neighboring nations. How similar we are to each other! The writing of any Armenian author, if the word “Turkish” with the word “Armenian”. substitute if we do, the Azerbaijani author can sign with great enthusiasm. And on the contrary, the spirit of our writings touches the Armenian heart, of course, the word “Armenian” with the word “Turkish” substitute if they do

What to do? Let’s live like a dog and a cat? The enmity of two neighboring nations gives foreign villains an opportunity to gallop in the South Caucasus. The peoples already clearly understand this, but they are unable to suppress their feelings of enmity. “Neighborflour If two eyes will be removed, I agree, remove one of my eyes.”

Who can show people the way out of this vicious circle? Who has the power to shake and wake up the nationalist ignorant people who are intoxicated by the poison of enmity? I remind you that at the time of the “Armenian-Muslim dispute”, at the beginning of the 20th century, neither Hovanes Tumanyan nor the Mirza Alakbar-Mirza Jalil couple could cope with this task, although their cry still shakes living consciences.

At that time, the force that stopped the conflict was the tsarist government that started it. He ordered the elements that incited and provoked the parties to “stop”. That’s it.

Today’s tsarist government Putin Russia and the collective West. Are you waiting for this “stop” command from them? I don’t wait. On the contrary, the West tries to exaggerate the issue of “status” whether it is appropriate or not, because “status” is a spoon with a long handle and it gives a guarantee that at any moment it will be thrown into hot soup. And Russia is more patiently protecting a handful of Armenians in Karabakh saying “save the straw, the time will come”.

Hey, I write that “use the potential of peace”. Our government does not care, either it is not good for itself, or Russia does not allow it.

Before the end of the war, the late Georgy Vanyan appealed to Pashinyan and Aliyev and said “allow ordinary Azerbaijanis and Armenians to visit each other, don’t be afraid, no one will kill each other, people will start talking.”

Who was he telling?

I’m sure peace way it goes through dialogue, conversation, talking. The most powerful weapon in the world is words, not gunpowder and bullets.

In order to save the Armenian from raw dreams and moldy molds of medieval thinking, it is necessary to give him the opportunity to talk to his heart’s content with the ordinary Azerbaijani. In order to free the Azerbaijani from the spell of “where did you see an Armenian, put a bullet in his head” that brought shame at the “Revival” rally of 1988, he needs to sit down and talk with a simple Armenian and open his heart.

Then the simple Armenian and the simple Azerbaijani will see that the person described by the insidious forces as a terrible enemy, a swindler, a swindler and a devil, is not an enemy at all. Just like him, he was deceived, he was one of the poor people who was looking for peace and justice, peace and peace.

I am talking about ordinary Armenians and Azerbaijanis. I have seen them a lot at Vanyan’s events in Tekali village. Ordinary Armenian peasants, drivers, teachers, retirees, locksmiths and students sat side by side with ordinary Azerbaijanis like lambs. That’s why the Armenian “peacekeepers” who came out of the conflict organized rabid attacks against Georgi and killed him.

Yes, most of the Armenian people are still sick. He cannot escape the plague of enmity and raw imagination.

Let’s be fair and ask ourselves: “Is our society healthy?” If someone angrily says, “What happened to us, we are a nation like flowers”, then I will ask in a low voice, “Brother, if the nation is healthy, tell me why you are in such a bad day?” Why are your rights trampled at every step? Why is your wealth plundered day and night by a handful of rascals? If you are a healthy nation, why don’t you understand after seeing all these calculations, why don’t you have the courage to demand your rights? Why was your right to choose taken away? Why does a soldier who fought like a lion against the Armenian army burn himself to death in front of an official?”

In short, the neighbors are bad. Both the neighbor of the Armenian and the neighbor of the Azerbaijani are bad. The problem is that there is no way to move.

It remains to educate both the neighbor and ourselves, to change his mind, our brain, the way of thinking. I don’t see any other way, maybe there is none.

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