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“To those who could not be accepted, “come, you abroad with a certificate education “Let’s send it to buy,” they say.

“Recently social when we monitor the networks, we see advertisements in which certain groups, individuals, presenting themselves as experts, announce that they can carry out the selection of specialties to applicants for a fee. Based on our experience, we can say that it is wrong to entrust the choice of specialty to others.”

Maleyka Abbaszade, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the State Examination Center (SEC). higher education he said at a press conference about the start of specialty selection for his institutions. He said that those persons call themselves experts without any reason and invite someone to provide services to them in exchange for money. they do:

“To such people trust can it be done They even make sweet promises about those who cannot be accepted here, that they will send you abroad with a certificate education send to buy. Even universities with no reputation or ranking accept them. What happens in the end? Are all those diplomas recognized in our country? Can the graduates of those universities become the necessary specialists? Everyone should ask themselves these questions.”

The chairman of the Ministry of Education said that the least of the education experts in this field 10-15 years of work experience should be:

“Educational expert should work in the field of education. If he has worked at a school for 5 years, if he has no scientific articles in this field, if he has not spoken at scientific conferences, he cannot present himself as an educational expert. Only he calls himself an education expert. Let me introduce myself as an expert on metallurgy. This is going to sound funny because I have never done metallurgy in my life. I don’t pretend to be an expert, that’s the point. There are certain areas where it would be more correct if they announced themselves as small business founders.”

Maleyka Abbaszade says that the statistics are presented on the website of the Ministry of Education and Culture. At the same time, they also give an analysis:

“This information is open, anyone can use it. It is not necessary that they give what we announce on our website on their behalf.”

From August 16, specialty selections for universities in Azerbaijan began.
51,881 places have been reserved for admission to universities.
This year, the number of students who want to become students has also increased.

According to Maleyka Abaszade, the number of applicants for all groups was 78,622 in total last year, and 99,533 this year. Count 20 thousand 911 people have increased.

The head of the Ministry of Education and Culture also said that in the first group computer science, engineering and information technologies majors are expected to have very high passing scores.

“This year, the number of those who scored above 600 in Group I has almost doubled compared to last year. This means that passing scores in the majors will increase,” said the chairman of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Selection of specialization will continue until August 28.

Azerbaijan news

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