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The Kyrgyz who went on a dangerous path in pursuit of the ‘American dream’

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan, up to 26 thousand Kyrgyz USAlife in

Through perilous roads through Mexico USAThe number of Kyrgyz citizens trying to enter the They are thousands of people smugglers dollars they pay Some end up in Mexican prisons, some even USAeven after moving to , he faces deportation.

Aysalkin and his family thousands to people smugglers to travel from Kyrgyzstan to Mexico and then illegally cross into the United States dollars paid money. Her family, herself, her husband and two young children, made 17 unsuccessful attempts to cross the US-Mexico border. This summer they finally made it across the border.

Aysalkin, who did not want to give his full name, says that they had to “drive through a sewer” and “crawl under the fence” at night to cross the US border.

Hundreds of illegal immigrants try to cross the US border from Kyrgyzstan to Mexico every year. Migrants who pay travel agencies and people smugglers to do so can take months of perilous travel. Members of the Kyrgyz diaspora in the United States report that some of these immigrants end up in prisons in Mexico, while others die on the way.

Life does not suddenly become easier for those who can move to the United States. Some of them face the threat of deportation, while others have to live here as illegal migrants. Their immigration hearings can take years, and there is no guarantee that they will receive asylum.

Despite all these risks, many Central Asian migrants do not want to give up their attempts to cross to the United States.

The exact number of Kyrgyz migrants crossing from Mexico to the United States is unknown. Because of many, including Aysaklin Russia he has a passport. Most of the illegal migrants depart from Russia. They travel through several countries to Mexico by paying private companies in Russia.

“We flew from Sochi to Istanbul, and then to Cancun, Mexico. Then we went to Tijuana and Mexicali. In Tijuana [qaçaqçılar] 2 thousand per adult to help cross the American border dollars, they asked for 800 dollars per child. We tried many times. We tried to go on foot and twice by car. On our 17th unsuccessful attempt, the border guards confiscated our car.” – Aysalkin says.

After the family was held in a detention center in the United States for several days free and began awaiting an immigration hearing.

Aysalkıngil’s journey was easier than that of many other Kyrgyz immigrants. Jakşilık Murat, coordinator of the Kyrgyz diaspora group operating in Chicago, USA, says that among them there are those who have been in Mexican prisons for months, robbed, beaten and even lost their lives.

According to Murat, 20When he first arrived in Chicago in 2008, there were dozens of Kyrgyz residents. Currently, this number is 10 it is close to a thousand. Up to 2 thousand of them are children born in Chicago.

“In the last two years, I have met many Kyrgyz who passed through Mexico. Many of them turned to us for help. We can provide moral support, but we cannot provide financial assistance.” Murat says.

Murat notes that 20Between 08 and 2015, a whole wave of students from Kyrgyzstan came to the United States, and many of them did not return after their student visas expired. According to him, this is for the Kyrgyz students of the United States education many of its programs cancellation caused him to do. It has also become more difficult for Kyrgyz students to get visas.

Murat urged Kyrgyz citizens to use only legal means to immigrate to the United States. This includes applying for the Green Card lottery. He also urged his compatriots to be realistic about expectations regarding economic opportunities in the United States.

Murat, who owns a transport company, says that many Kyrgyz are tempted by “false information spread by some bloggers”. In this information, it is said that they can earn 25-30 thousand dollars per month by driving commercial trucks in the United States. Average in Kyrgyzstan driver earns 60-120 dollars per month.

“In reality, truck drivers in the U.S. per month after paying for fuel, rent and insurance 10 they can earn a thousand dollars. But there are also unexpected costs. For example, the car may break down or other accidents may occur. In addition, due to inflation, the freight transport business here has weakened recently.” Murat says.

Poverty, corruption and lack of opportunities in Kyrgyzstan, one of the poorest countries in Central Asia, have driven some people to seek a better life abroad. According to official figures, up to 1.2 million Kyrgyz citizens work abroad. Most of them work in Russia. The total population of the country is only 6.7 million people.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan, up to 26 thousand Kyrgyz citizens live in the United States. However, both of this figure in the United States Russia it is not known whether it covers those who came with a passport, as well as those who live illegally in this country.

The government has repeatedly urged citizens not to risk their lives by trying to immigrate to the United States and other countries illegally.

Most of the migrants trying to cross into the US from Mexico are from Central and South America. But in recent years, people from Africa and Asia are also dangerous way cases of selection are increasing.


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