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The stabbing of Rushdie 33 years after the fatwa

“Reuters” writes that the line between radical Islam and conservative Sharia rule by the state is not clear.

The late Ayatollah of Iran Ruhullah Khomeiniin 1989 Salman RushdieFor many years, many liberal writers and thinkers have been haunted by the fatwa of death due to the novel “Satan Verses” by The articles are about what is considered blasphemy against the Islamic religion and the Prophet Muhammad.

Rushdie in New York last Friday conspiracy attempt cannot be considered a rare incident. So far, writers, academics, and journalists who criticize Islamic values, mainly in the Middle East, have faced similar threats and attacks.

The murdered imprisonment there were those who were beaten, flogged, forced to hide and emigrate. In recent years, Muslim militants and preachers of jihad social through the media, they encourage Muslims all over the world to kill those who “defame” Islam and the Prophet.

Fatwa higher gives a religious leader, a religious body, a council of ulema, can cover many issues, including individuals.

Fatwas are also issued calling for the killing of those who are said to have insulted Islam or the Prophet. “Reuters” agency says that fatwas are rarely time-limited cancellation writes what is done.

33 years after Khomeini declared Rushdie’s book blasphemous and placed a bounty on his head, the writer was stabbed several times in New York.

24-year-old Lebanese-American Shia Muslim Come on Matar although he was charged with attempted murder, he pleaded not guilty.

In the last thirty years, a number of Sunni Muslim clerics with millions of followers have also issued death fatwas against Muslims they consider infidels. These fatwas are trained militants, secret agents, or followers who want to respond to the call of a religious leader and fulfill their religious duty. execution they did.

On October 14, 1994, a Muslim extremist stabbed the Egyptian Nobel laureate Naqib Mahfouz several times in the neck. The fatwa was issued by Omar Abdul-Rahman, the Sunni leader of the Al-Qamaa Al-Islamya (Islamic Group) group.

Abdul-Rahman fatwa himself for the New York bomb plot USA given while being tried in prison. He said that Mahfouz’s blood should be shed, because his novel “Alley Children” written in 1959 is blasphemy against Islam.

The person detained for the attempt to kill Mahfouz told the Egyptian police that he had never read his books and acted according to the preacher’s fatwa.

“Reuters” writes that the line between radical Islam and the conservative Sharia administration carried out by the state is not clear.

Arab governments allied with the West have failed to limit the activities of their religious institutions or protect those on death lists by Muslim radicals.

For example, Egypt higher Al-Azhar Mahfouz, a religious body, banned his book long before he was attacked, claiming that he insulted Islam by creating the image of the Prophet Muhammad.

Egyptian liberal writer on June 8, 1992 Farag Fuda He was killed by two members of the Islamic Group. Before this attack, Al-Azhar called him “enemy of Islam” and “renegade”.

Saudi Arabia court and the system is based on Sharia, with judges representing the ultra-conservative Wahhabi school of Sunni Islam. In the Wahhabi interpretation of Sharia, the death penalty is provided for blasphemy.

Saudi clerics repeatedly against writers, bloggers and activists for “infidel writings”. court building, imprisonment and called for the death penalty. After such fatwas social death threats were heard in the media. Some writers were forced to delete what they wrote, apologize, and expressed their regret in court. Others were flogged and imprisoned.


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