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Meat has become more expensive

In recent days, meat has become more expensive in Azerbaijan. About this to Radio Liberty Azerbaijan residents of a number of regions, as well as the capital Baku, said.

According to the information provided by the regions, until the next few days 10– One kilogram of beef sold for 11 manats has increased to 12 manats. As it was emphasized, a kilogram of lamb meat, which was sold for 13-14 manats some time ago, also costs 15 manats. offer is done.

Residents of different districts of the capital Baku also faced the same situation. According to them, one kilogram of boned beef has risen to 12 manats. According to residents of the capital, boneless meat is more expensive.

The price of meat, for now, Village It was not possible to get an opinion from the Ministry of Economy and other official institutions.

Radio Liberty

Azerbaijan news

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