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From the Azerbaijani family, which the Armenian old man called after 30 years

An elderly Armenian living in Gafan district of Zangezur district sends greetings to Samad Garayev, who was once his neighbor and later settled in his house. in social networks received with interest. The old Armenian says in his own language that “all the trees have gone with you.”

“Khazarkhabar” news reports that the family of Samad Garayev mentioned in the video has been found.

In social networks This is spread video It was taken in Mahmudlu village of Gafan district of Zangezur. In the video, the Armenian currently living there sends a message to Samad Garayev, who was once his neighbor.

Later, the elderly Armenian pointed to the nearby house and said, “This is Samad Garayev’s house.”

We present a video report from the Garayev family:


Azerbaijan news

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